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Torum is a Metaverse Dream ?

By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 25 Oct 2022

                                                What is the Dream ? what is about the content ? poor or rich u decide ? Well Torum is a Home , check point , or what u decide to be . I share on Torum since 2 years ago , and the evolution is very good . Publish0x need good content and banned my post for poor content , what a a joke ! so lets talk about Social Network for Web3 conection with Metaverse . Is impossible have a Metaverse without a revolutionary change to web3 connection and for start is the mass education on people to work with block chains and then avance to web 3 connection and later enought computer power to work with Metaverse System and ever thing mind can imagine . Torum is the Stargate door to the Crypto and Nft World , where u can find all aboutt the subject and sometimes more , Sharing is caring ! Torum have and have and more . And now the good chat , all Landers  Have missions and gifts , and xtm token just to get on boars and socialize and connect your wallet and check all time portfolio . Torum is a mix of Drama "faceshit" , short messages "twitter" , Torum Landers War Memes  , a lot of good information because people bring from all networks to the same , is a a central font of news from another different fonts of source . Minds come toghether and share the same love game , where teers come easy and go like the Mac Job  , well i hope untilnow is a good post with good content i get some photo to share the love with Torum from this 2 Years 2be80cced3b176aad657364e6d24f040da1b3a4c1a3804134826285c9709b43a.png

If u dont recognize the photo u are not old in Torum , like us we are "young" taking step by step on this journey , but morehave to showon this magnific Post content to Publish0x





the magnificent cards that until today I don't know what they are for, but they look very good in my collection and only the future will be able to dictate what to do with such a magnificent collection f76cd3d865d63a544c11c9d4e14ee42e89dca6d6e00031481722eca8aa468fca.png

the year of the dragon represents a new year and may everyone be blessed by a dragon1aafbbdcea36a63bb50b47d2d05c36da6bb87b54a0d5139ca3ec7b49836a6719.png

This is $xtm Token to Holders ! and more i have to show about Torum . 0b8234a2e362b0db9cccb29c131e6b13ec2dd4ecc542546618c0b2cd2daab535.png

U can see with your eyes , always DYOR and never , never share the seed words with no one ! ( advice, not a bad one and not financial one )


NFTs Holders go to the Moon da5b87c954a177f2c413c8851876df7cf36a6e73cb7d85612c89dac203bde3d9.png


and never forget the Memes ! I share with Publish0x good content about Torum , or maybe if they come to check by them self what we Landers in Torum Have and others just follow the flow do it by Amazing Torum Team , we hope app Torum come very soon ! cbf1a069174d824c4a8df9c0a37f29c7f2f371ff0ca094ac44338119cab79af2.jpg 

aways good to remember to do your home work ! e61b76012a9139a5af165e25b3195b7cd3f6b0b30f37b66ca12e06fad3667594.gif

always remember to check mission daily log in on Torum 1da6b69cbe5feb1ccce3b01a17562fbff7362bbc3848553e18561530d8f36fb3.png

step by step ! After you see all this U have on Torum and more maybe soon with the touch u can win xtm token in the process is the best of all in the Market and i can say why ! 3a71843ccc9a94ab9c34bfc205287aa8b203806fb36abbae8664a9061f110a1d.png

the year of the dragon represents a new year and may everyone be blessed by a dragon that you think, does this post have enough content and good taste not to be banned again or will it be a reporting system?


I will finish for now but I have much more to say about this network that here I leave my link for you to register and start browsing and earning xtm token 

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