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By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 8 Jan 2021

                                           Platform of personalized texts by amateur and professional writers where there is the possibility to compensate those who write and be compensated for reading.
                                          The Publis0x platform offers its writers and readers an exchange of compensations in which the reader chooses its value to be donated, which can vary between 20% for the reader and 80% for the writer at least or 100% for the reader for the writer, maximum 80% for the reader and 20% for the writer.
                                        The texts produced are of the most varied types, but the majority go up to the world of Crypto Coins . You can find on the platform a variety of cultures from around the world, where you can read very well designed and original texts on various topics. The rewards vary between 3 Crypto Coins and as of the date I write this post, they are the Etherum, AMPL - Ampleforth and BAT - Basic Attention Token that are offered at random when reading the texts and when chosen by the reader at the end of the reading as a reward for what writer who produced content posted on your Blog.


                                       The Publish0x platform offers an ambassador program for attracting affiliates in which you can earn an extra. Payments are made on the days designated by the platform announced on the payment page. A minimum withdrawal of 1 dollar fixed that varies in the value of the crypto currency, which as we know, is not constant. AMPL can be withdrawn every Monday with a minimum of 0.50 cents on the dollar. All withdrawal requests are subject to verification to prevent fraud. I have already carried out several surveys and they have always been punctual and correct with what they promise and which can verify their verecity in the photos attached to this post.

                                     I always try to give tips to the most original texts that have less rewards and varied themes. In doing so I think I am doing justice to those who work on this writing platform, because in my opinion they are more deserving than those who have a tendency to repeat themselves or write texts with half a dozen lines that teach us little or nothing. or entertain, let alone reward profiles just because they are friends.
                                    The Publish0x platform mostly uses English to communicate, but we can find texts in other languages such as Spanish, French or even Portuguese which I think is very good because in my case I understand 5 different languages.


                                 The publish0x platform offers the opportunity to create Blogs and in these Blogs we can produce posts that after being posted automatically appear on the Publish0xe page where they are chosen by readers to read and reward. The wallet that I use personally for withdrawing my coins and Metamask in the Browser which is advised by the Publish0x platform and accepts crypto payments. this is explained on the publish0x payment page. The Atomic portfolio accepts Etherum in these terms, but for me the best is Metamask that accepts all values in a portfolio only.

                               A delight if I may say so, they are only spoiled by the fees perpetuated by Etherum, which from personal opinion, I say they are very high, especially when the block is congested, the fee is crazy. In the case of the Atomic portfolio, I can say that Fees are not allowed and those charged are to pay the miners in the miners' pool.
This will be the subject of my next post. Crypto Coins Metamask and Atomic portfolio.

                                When the publish0x platform, for more information, you can access your own blog or on social networks as there are several writing contests, Twitter shares, Memes contest and others, which offer very attractive prizes to those who participate in them. At the moment I write this post the awards have been in AMPL and the content requested to be produced and also on that currency.
This is a general description of the Publish0x platform, which may be flawed and which can be repaired in comments. I find it a very interesting project that rewards those who use it.
Thank you for your attention if you can and will, I accept your rewards from the heart even if they are 20%, which for me is a great help. If you are not registered, do so with my Publish0x Ambassador link.
                                                            Namaste! Respect! See you later !


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