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By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 5 Oct 2020

                                      Hello to all and Namaste :

                                        In this post I will write about another site that I think is worth spending some time. The offer is Zen Coin which has a value of around $ 5, has its own wallet, paid at the time the claim is made. In the photo that follows, the link that leads to registration on the page for daily sales is embedded. You can claim Zen Coin once a day, along with extras. Once again, I take the opportunity to say that I am not responsible for the possible schemes practiced by third parties, because if you are deceived it is because I was also and I honestly do not like to waste my time with people who think they are more intelligent than others.Free Zen Ever Day


                                                  When you have WALLET VERIFIED the value is 1.5X rewards and theInstant withdrawal is immediate, that is, after being confirmed it takes little time, a matter of hours to drop the wallet that we associate with the page.




                                         If you use Browser Brave you get 20% extra in the Zen Coin faucet, which is always worthwhile, even if it is to contact a Browser that respects your privacy unlike Google, which makes a lot of money with the date you collect from all the people who use your services and who you share with them. If you have concerns about your privacy, here's a tip, that google doesn't respect. But this is a subject that you yourselves must look for your answers.



               If you connect your social media accounts, you will receive an extra for each associated account, until the question about the rights that gain on the accounts, which is described, can be left, whenever we authorize access to the site. I personally don't trust anyone on the internet when it comes to privacy, but I also don't share my personal life on social media and use some tricks to protect my privacy, but that's another matter. (I would be happy to tell you which ones, if you ask me the comments)



                                                           Another way to earn a little extra is with the people who sign with our link that is embedded in the photos that I put the bog on and that guides you to a new page for that registration and to which I am very grateful if you do, because they are helping me with this project and I am left with the information if the offer is real, how much they pay and when they pay. All this information is available on the website within the reach of the account holder.         




                                                                    Saving Zen Coin also gives you an extra premium, so if you keep the money that the wallet that was deposited keeps, the site offers an extra. The wallet must be associated with the website account for this to happen. the site offers all the information you need to proceed with the extra bonuses, simple that any user who is not an expert can understand and use. I believe that projects like this are useful for people to win crypto coin and start in this new world that opens up to the common internet user. Thanks again for registering with my link on the site, but if you don't, it is not the end of the world, even if it is for sharing information with others so that you get to know a little more about the distribution of crypto coins more or less known and so they can start without spending money they don't have or even be fooled by unscrupulous people who think they are untouchable behind a keyboard anywhere in the world. It is part of the Internet and as I usually say the Internet is the mirror of humanity and the reflection of society .


                                                                  If you connect to the site every day, you receive a daily nous, which is shown at the top of the site with stars, which change color accordingly, spend the days accessing the site and showing the evolution of the bonus and its value. gaining.

                                                                  it offers a game that I will not comment on, because I didn’t use it and I don’t know if it works, but when it happens I’ll be happy to say it in the comments, so I thank those who follow me.


                                                                  As I promised, my texts are simple and easy to access, without technical terms that few have or that a dictionary is needed to decipher the content of the message I intend to transmit. I hope it will please those who read and give a tip, of course I am very grateful, even if it is 20%. May peace be with you, for the world is already full of evil.


                                                                               Namaste  ---------






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Crypto Coins Lovers

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