SAFEmoon dumped

Safemoon not safe to moon as FUD spread.

By Kus Gan | Crypto-Chocolate-Box | 22 Apr 2021

SAFEmoon dumped by owner. Is this a FUD or a Shocking truth?

FUD is spreading like fire causing the  price to plummet to as low as 0.000005 from the Peak of 0.000014.

As of the moment of writing it has recovered a little bit, but no telling signs that it will not drop further.  

1 Million holders of SAFEmoon token including hundreds of instant millionaires lost close to 60% of the value of the token they are holding. 

SAFE dumped



Top 5 Wallets holding SAFEmoon.

Top 1 wallet shows no movement of funds.

Top 2 wallet currently has a balance of 32T from 76T on March 6, 2021   

Top 3. The 3rd wallet. Pancakeswap wallet balance has consistently increased increased from 210T on March 11 to 315T as of today March 21, 2021

Top 4.  Shows it moved 775T on March 1, 2021. Leaving only 2T on its current balance

Top 5. 104T on March 2, 2021 to 9.9T as of today March 5,2021 

TOP 5 SAFEmoon wallets

@WARONRUGS pointed out that Owner owns more than 50% of the liquidity and refuses to fix it. He could pull LP and sell tokens, creating a rug pull.  

John Karony of SAFEmoon explained in his tweet the reason why they are locking away the current LP.

SAFEmoon has expalined many times the reason why they needed this Liquidity Pool (LP). It is because they needed for exchanges listing. Reason for LP  


In this space we have witnessed many times that with growth comes FUD ( Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). From Government Ban, Sec Filing lawsuit, to Rugpulls. Always trade with caution.  Market is highly volatile amid extreme hypes  and FUDs alike. 

Now. is this just a FUD or a glaring truth. or is it still too early to judge?


SAFEMOON- moon mission

SAFEmoon is the first token on BSC that reached 1 million wallets holding the token in just 50 days since genesis, far exceeded FREE 300K. BUSD, CAKE, ANY, and USDT 178K.

1M Holders milestone


Is this dip an opportunity to buy? 

Thank you for reading. 

Appreciate your likes, comments, tip as always.



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