TVL drops

DeFi TVL Drops $9B

By Kus Gan | Crypto-Chocolate-Box | 19 Apr 2021

DeFi TVL dips as Bitcoin dips from $60K to $56K

Total Value locked in Defi has seen a drop in the last 2 days.  According to Defi Llama $9B TVL was lost in the last couple of days.

MakerDao total value locked (TVL) now $9.13B dominating the TVL space with a market dominance of 8%. Aave trailing behind with $8.79B. 

Top coins like UNI, LUNA, Aave, Cake coin price also dips. 

DeFi is highly experimental and exists in a regulatory grey zone but It is here to stay.

Mark Cuban compares Defi as the early days of internet in one of his interview.

Defi is not going anywhere.





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