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What will ETH miners do after final merge ?

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 12 Aug 2022

     Preparations have been completed for Ethereum to move to PoS in September, with questions being raised about the future of Ethereum miners.

     Miners previously mined one ethereum for 7-8 days at a time, and made huge profits in the form of gas fees from users. So, what are the miners going to do?

     By the way most likely outcome is that miners can distribute the rigs to various other networks that support CPU or GPU mining to generate their value.

     The second major possibility is that the ethereum mining industry would be mining important cryptos such as bitcoin. For example, Hut 8 currently mines Bitcoin and Ethereum, only Bitcoin will be mined after ETH 2.0 is implemented. It was likely to continue in the same way that the Hive blockchain mined Ethereum Classic.

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Crypto Champion

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