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The Buy The Dip Theory has been slammed by critics.

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 14 May 2022

     Billioniers Peter Schiff and Mark Mobius are well-known investors, business tycoons, and Bitcoin critics, both have always warned investors against cryptocurrency. This time, both are focusing against the "Buy The Dip" strategy.

Peter Schiff tweet

This strategy (Buy The Dip) encourages users to invest during bear markets (when the price of a cryptocurrency drops), allowing them to HODL more cryptos than they could during bull market.

Schiff and Mobius have warned cryptocurrency traders about the hypothesis, calling it a product of greed since it keeps people hoping for a market catastrophe.

Both have used the example of LUNA, in which investors invested during a drop and lost money as LUNA continued to dip until it reached zero.

However, Bitcoin enthusiasts continue to promote the approach; there is a widespread view that the scope is still active in the market, and that it will rise again, resulting in a profit for buye


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