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Standard Chartered predicts Bitcoin bull run

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 11 Jul 2023

Recently British multinational bank Standard Chartered has announced nice growth on the value of bitcoin which is giving more significance to the bulls.

Asia and Africa Effect

The UK, US, and EU account for a very small portion of Standard Chartered's overall business; Asia and Africa account for 90% of its total revenue. Accordingly, Standard Chartered's Bitcoin value forecast is affected more by the state of bitcoin in Asia and Africa than it is by the EU's tolerant MiCA, the UK's crypto regulation, or the Pro Bitcoin US presidential election.

US Losing to Eastern Crypto Effect

The assertion by Standard Chartered comes as the banks of Hong Kong have started adopting crypto and as Japan is attracting stablecoin developers for the digital Yen. While the US' SEC has approved an ETF sponsored by Wall Street. These instances should be viewed as illustrations of certain circumstances, as one or two of them did not result in any kind of decision.

Any Possibility?

The crypto market fluctuates only behind bitcoin; currently, bitcoin's price is playing at the level of $30k, and the bear-bull fight is going on in the voletile way. In such a situation, no one should guarantee that the prediction made by Standard Chartered will be correct, but it will definitely take a step toward popularizing bitcoin.

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