North Korea Group

Lazarus Group is helping North Korea

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 2 Dec 2023

     The North Korean Lazarus Group, which is creating hacking problems across the world, has to be dealt with.

Dangerous conspiracies of the Lazarus Group

     Lazarus Group is a North Korean hacking group that steals money from other countries by carrying out online hacking activities. Infamous for hacking crypto from CeFi and DeFi, Lazarus Group also steals from banks, for example, by hacking millions of dollars from the central banks of Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Stolen goods will be spent in North Korea

     Lazarus Group has proven that sanctions against a country can be so dangerous that that country misuses its talent to counter sanctions. Lazarus Group has stolen $3 billion from its hacking; this money will be used to complete North Korea's national projects.

What should be done to stop this?

     It is not necessary that you guys agree with my opinion, but my guess is that Lazarus Group is considered an economic solution due to international sanctions on North Korea. Therefore, sanctions on North Korea will have to be eased, and increased international trade relations will eliminate the need for that group.

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Crypto Champion

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