Investment increased in crypto sector

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 25 Feb 2024

     Crypto world is going up in all ways, investment is rising, whales are increasing, and responsibility is also up.


Rise in Investment 

     The crypto world has seen a sharp rise in investment, particularly in new ventures that have been successful in drawing in capital due to their innovative features. Block Research, a data researcher on funding for the digital asset sector, reports that over $90 billion has been invested in over 50 projects this month.


Whale Matters

     Whales are attempting to gain control over certain projects by making investments and accumulating a sufficient number of tokens, and becomes decision making validators, such as a16z's influence upon Uniswap. The Uniswap 'yes' quorum necessitates 4% voting, and a16z is in possession of 64M $UNI tokens, or 6.4% of the total supply.


Beware of fraudulent

     The crypto world needs to exercise caution since active fraudsters who prey on investors in the field take various steps to pilfer their money. Recently, for instance, in Tornado Cash, it was discovered that a hidden malicious JavaScript code was leaking investor notes using the IPFS gateway to the malevolent developer Butterfly Effects.


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