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Holding company EFT files for Bankruptcy

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 5 Feb 2023

     Another crumbling wall in the ruins of the SBF Empire has fallen. EFT (Emergent Fidelity Technologies) has now also declared bankruptcy, joining Alameda Research and FTX.

     While it is not surprising that another SBF company has collapsed, it is surprising that an SBF firm was still working without letting the crypto world reaching its levels, which brings up a question that if SBF have more companies?


BlockFi destroyed EFT ?

     EFT is a holding company. This is the same company to which the Robinhood shares of BlockFi were pledged. The then $450 million #HOOD is now $55 million. 

Delaware State-based EFT was still avoiding the ongoing SBF problem in New York State. It has now filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the federal district court in the District of Delaware, which has brought it to the limelight.

Is Limit Break Next?

Limit Break is a NFT company, and has support of SBF. Although company is going good, but SBF effect is hard to ignore.

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