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FTX controvercy Rises

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 29 Nov 2022

     The controversy over the huge scam perpetrated by SBF and his bankrupt company FTX, along with Alameda Research, does not seem to stop. Rather, the controversy seems to be increasing due to what is happening. Such new controversies are taking birth here that one does not understand whether to laugh or cry over it, or sit holding one's head! 

Bitboy vs SBF 

     Crypto analysis Ben "Bitboy" Armstrong has rushed towards the Bahamas to deal with and settle with SBF. From what is happening there, it seems that SBF has bought everything.

Bahamas Authorities in Soup

     The Bahamian government kept mum on the FTX situation, pretending it didn't matter to them, but most social media was connected to crypto. When media accounts began to corner the Bahamas on the SBF/FTX issue, they broke their silence.

Blame CZ     

    Ryan Pinder, the Attorney General of the Bahamas, has exonerated SBF in the FTX case while addressunhg this serious situation, but to make the controversy more controversial, the authorities put the blame on Binance CEO CZ.

Puff for Buff Controversy 

     Politics, bureaucracy, and media are all funded by SBF, so no one speaks against him. Due to this, the attitude of the public towards wool is also becoming controversial.

EU Involved

European companies are also affected by the crash of FTX, so the European Union is also taking an interest in its case. 

BlockFi Sue

  Cryptocurrency lending firm BlockFi has declared bankruptcy and is also suing Sam Bankman-Fried to repossess its $575 million stake in Robinhood, which BlockFi pledged with FTX as collateral.

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