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Disclosure on PEPE alerts investors

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 25 Aug 2023

     Not Larva Labs founder Pauly has alerted the market by informing that conman marketer Zachary Testa is the creator of PEPE.

PEPE's Super Entry

     When PEPE was released, it received such an enthusiastic response that it put DOGE and SHIB to the test. PEPE joined the top 100 coins and was available on all major crypto platforms within a short period of time, despite the fact that no information regarding its founder could be located.

The Resentment of PEPE

     Pauly claims that Zachary Testa advertised PEPE with a team of con artists, and they all made profits from those investors who put their money in PEPE. Additionally, Zachary Testa copied the PEPE logo from Matt Furie's art Pepe the Frog but never gave him any credit.


     PEPE investors are opposing Pauly's disclosure because he has been a strong backer of the memecoins. Although I can't attest to it, the deletion of early PEPE activists' accounts and Zachary Testa's decision to make his social media accounts private seem to support Pauly's assertion.

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