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Coinbase's grip on crypto market increases after CZ's resignation from Binance

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 30 Nov 2023

     Coinbase's CEO Brian Armstrong has stepped up efforts to establish Coinbase on the crypto market following CZ's resignation from Binance.

US Crypto Market

     Coinbase is a Nasdaq-listed company and will benefit from the closure of Binance in the US. Despite fighting a legal battle with anti-crypto agencies like SEC, Coinbase has received the trust of agencies like CFTC against another oversea competitor, ByBit, due to which its US competitor Kraken has also lagged behind.

International Crypto Market

     The new CEO of Binance does not have the same level of diplomacy that was in CZ; Binance has just lost the Philippines market. However, Brian Armstrong has activated his diplomacy at the international level. Armstrong recently visited Britain and Canada and started working on cementing Coinbase's place in the crypto world there.

Efforts to win talents

     The development of any company depends on talent. Many talents in the technical sector are not happy with their jobs. Unnecessary disputes and restrictions also cause stress for them. Brian Armstrong is trying to find such talent and gain confidence. The best talent can elevate Coinbase.

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