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Coinbase's Base mainnet is set to be launched

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 5 Aug 2023

.    Base is a low-cost, safe, and scalable Ethereum layer-2 network developed by Coinbase. The base was launched on February 23, and mainnet is set to launch on August 9.

Base Twitter snapshot

Beneficial Base for Coinbase users

     Base is anticipated to make getting on-chain for Coinbase users simpler and faster. Gifts have also been announced for the daily visitors to make it more appealing and beneficial. Users will also have easy access to Earn, Mine, and Stake facilities.

Strong Launch Celebration Announced 

     From August 9, 2023, through the end of the US summer month August. A gift-filled celebration called Onchain Summer is being held to commemorate the launch of the Base mainnet. Coinbase has collaborated on this with well-known businesses, artists, creators, marketplaces, etc.

Situations are both favourable and unfavourable

  • Up 👍 : As Base develops, Coinbase will be able to compete with stronger rivals like Binance's BNB Chain and Beacon Chain.
  • Down 👎: Rugpull is initiated on Base prior to Mainnet launch;, for example, $BALD If Coinbase doesn't take action in a timely manner, it will lose its purpose.

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