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Coinbase launches in Canada

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 15 Aug 2023

     The US's largest crypto company, Coinbase, has today officially launched in the world's second-largest country, Canada.

The Canadian market is ready for Coinbase

     Sometime back, the world's largest exchange, Binance, left Canada; since then, there has been no major crypto industry operating there. So, Canada's crypto market is ready to embrace Coinbase. This will also boost Coinbase's presence in North America.

Coinbase's eye on governance policies

     Binance left Canada because CZ felt that the new crypto regulations there were too harsh. Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong is aware of the situation, so Coinbase has created the "Stand with Crypto Alliance" in the US to put pressure on politicians; this has been expanded in Canada as well.

One Month Coinbase One to attract the market

     To lure crypto enthusiasts, Coinbase has provide free "Coinbase One" programme to Canadians for first month, means zero trading fees and more staking rewards, along with priority 24/7 support that makes sure consumers do not get annoyed if any problem arises.

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