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Coin Market Cap Announces Annual Crypto Awards

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 22 Feb 2024

     Coin Market Cap has announced establishing annual crypto awards to honor the crypto world with the launch of the initial CMC crypto awards in 2024.  


Big Step by CMC

     Binance's crypto analysis platform, CMC (Coin Market Cap), examines more than 2.2 million cryptocurrencies, and 708 exchanges. CMC has made the decision to to honour the crypto world in the style of the Oscars to reward individuals, products, and projects. Crypto world will nominate and vote the most progressive one for the Award.  


Award Process

     Nominees will be revealed daily until March 1st. Voting will take place until March 3rd at 12:00 UST. The winners will be announced on March 6th during the awards event, which will be live streaming. As a lasting memento of the finest in crypto, each prize will be permanently recorded as an NFT on the blockchain.


Honor and Sponsor

     There are eight categories in the CMC Crypto Awards 2024, and industry heavyweights have already partnered with the platform to sponsor each one. The platform has also revealed the compilation of the Top 10 lists of practical tools to assist Newbies, Pros, and UCs (in between) in order to further assist users.  

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