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Celsius under hot water now

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 19 Jul 2023

Alex Mashinsky, the mastermind behind the Celsius scam, has been arrested. Along with this, vigilance has started in the crypto world.

SEC Leans Above Celsius

The SEC, which attacked the crypto industry on the pretext of securities, did not act against Celsius and the Mashinsky couple. After the Ripple case, the SEC reluctantly initiated proceedings against Celsius and Alex Mashinsky due to pressure.

Celsius hiding behind the lawyers

 Celsius has been declared bankrupt but is surrounded by lawsuits and is cheaply selling platform assets and other acquired assets to cover its legal costs. In such a situation, it can be expected that Celsius will not have money to pay the lawyers until the trial is over.

Question on Binance

Celsius recently invested a huge amount in Binance. Either this is Celsius trying to collect fiat fees or Alex Mashinsky's ploy; this may have an effect on the market, it may have an effect on Binance, and CZ's reaction is also unclear.

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