BTC Turk Avalanche hack

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 24 Jun 2024

     Hackers are carrying out their tricks well; an example of this is the recent hacking of the hot wallet of Turkey-based crypto exchange BtcTurk.


Clever AVAX hack

     BtcTurk exchange was hacked on Saturday so cleverly that the trackers mistook it for a transfer made by an AVAX entity. By the time the trackers came to know about the HACK, the hacker of BtcTurk had already converted $55 million worth of AVAX tokens into Bitcoins by transferring them to CEX via the cross-chain bridges.


Trackers are on

     Even though the hacker(s) showed cleverness, little did they know that the track of the cryptoverse is longer than the arms of the law. Binance has already seized $5.3 million worth of stolen tokens, and now trackers are keeping an eye on the hacker's actions. Now, wherever the hacker takes those bitcoins, they will be traced, and the hacker(s) will be identified.

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