Bitcoin Bull Market Returns

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 12 Feb 2024

    The bulls of Bitcoin have started the race, and it is the bears who are getting crushed under their feet and bleeding in green. 


Bitcoin Whale Target

     Investors are also becoming obsessed with becoming whales, with their own ideas of making a profit and/or following other whales. In this strategy, they buy bitcoins from bitcoin miners, small traders, etc., and HODL. But only those do this who have BTC-based businesses (like ETF firms) or economies (like El Salvador).


Bitcoin Trade Target

    BTC traders are still using the trading idea of bear and bull; they invest a large amount of money to buy Bitcoin at a targeted spot on CEX and withdraw their purchase, which decreases the liquidity of Bitcoin in the market. Later, when the bull starts running, the concerned whale reinvests their purchased Bitcoin and takes the profit.


Bitcoin Mining Target

    Bitcoin is PoW; it needs to be mined; hence, there is a competition to mine it to get BTC. Recent examples include: El Salvador is increasing its mining capacity through technological improvements; Riot Platforms has established a gigawatt mining facility in Texas; Ethiopia has hired 21 PoW mining companies to mine Bitcoin.

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