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$4.3 billion Binance-DoJ deal is approved by the US Court

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 24 Feb 2024

     The Binance-US DoJ (Department of Justice) deal has been approved by Richard Jones, judge of the Western District of Washington court.

$4.3B Binance Airdrop to DoJ

     The US DoJ got a $4.3 billion giveaway (legally in panelty) from Binance after the court approved the plea deal for the Binance-DoJ settlement. This is the highest panelty in US history. Of course, that would be paid using investors' money, and investors are not going to like this.

Monitoring the Compliance 

     This deal also mentions that an independent firm will be appointed in order to monitor Binance's compliance with US laws for a term of three years. Binance has also accepted responsibility for past actions, so perhaps that firm will take responsibility for its future actions.

The CZ Fate

     CZ has already pleaded guilty, so he might get a small punishment of an 18-month jail term; however, if prosecutors want, then they might argue in court to award him a 10-year sentence. CZ is a fine diplomat; either he has a plan or has just given up himself to fate.


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