My Upland HODL Strategy

By amberbyers | Crypto Byers | 1 May 2022

So I have been playing Upland for about two months now and I've put around $100 into the game so far. My properties in the game are worth 130,000 UPX or roughly $130 which is a pretty decent gain in my eyes for two months of playing.

Upland is a metaverse game I feel has a lot of potential to blow up. Because of this, I don't see much issue with dropping $100 on it and more over the coming months, because all of that money is going into metaverse properties in one of the most popular metaverse games. The value of these properties is not going down anytime soon, so it's best to get in now and invest as much as possible.

I recently jumped up to the Pro level and am no longer able to purchase FSA properties as I was primarily doing before. This isn't an issue though, as I grabbed plenty of FSA properties before leveling up. My current strategy is to sell these properties for two or three times their buy price and invest the proceeds into higher earning properties. From there, I plan to simply hold them and see what happens with the overall value of Upland properties as the game gains popularity.

Another thing I am doing is building a townhouse building using my Spark one of the larger plots of land. This should heavily increase the value of the property in about a year when it is done being built. That's the other thing, any Spark I get from now on will go into staking on that building project so that it can get done sooner. From there, I plan to invest in a lot more construction projects on my plots of land. And of course, I plan to grab a new property or two every now and then. I've invested pretty heavily into Queens since it first opened and I foresee that being an excellent investment.

So there you have it, that's my HODLing strategy for Upland. Let me know in the comments what your strategies are and what you would do differently!

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