My New Kitten Gracie!!!

By amberbyers | Crypto Byers | 31 Jul 2023

A few months ago, my two youngest cats, Magic and Luz, both girls, snuck out of the house via a hole in the wall that I was not previously aware of and came home pregnant. I didn't immediately realize that they were pregnant, but I did fear it would happen as neither of them have been spayed and there was a stray boy cat in the neighborhood that I was aware of.

Well, a couple months later, in March, Magic started showing and two weeks after that she had four kittens. There were three boys and one girl, and their names were Rascal, Erina, Komi, and Roxie. We kept Roxie and found new homes for the boys.

Well, not to have her sister one-up her, Luz also had kittens three weeks later. A smaller litter of two this time. A girl and a boy, named Jake and Gracie.

Well, my partner and I agreed that we would not keep anymore of the kittens as we had already decided to keep Roxie. However, earlier this week Gracie started climbing under my office door and jumping in my lap every time I was working. She would purr and headbutt my face and play-bite me and well, I fell in love with another cat.

After a couple days of this, I decided to take her to my partner and see how they got along now that Gracie was really making it known that she wanted us to adopt her. She showed my partner the same affection and I "jokingly" brought up the idea of keeping her, in addition to Roxie.

We kept toying with the idea and admitted that we were crazy cat people for sure, but then finally decided that we would keep her. She is just too adorable to say no to!


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Crypto Byers

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