Japan to Approve Stablecoin Use: USDT, USDC? Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Tweets 2023 Predictions!

Crypto Bulletin – 28th of December | Japan to Approve Stablecoin Use: USDT, USDC? | Former Russian President Predicts Elon Musk Winning Presidential Election in 2023 & More!

Last week was a blast for the crypto space, as we have seen very positive news such as BCBS approving banks to hold crypto, Russia planning to use crypto for their foreign trades, the Brazilian President legalizing the use of crypto, and much other stuff, the good thing is the positive momentum is continued to this week as well. Today we will see some of the positive news, that every crypto person should know!

1. Japan to Approve Stablecoin Use: USDT, USDC?

According to the recently published report by the Japanese news agency Nikkei, the Financial Service Agency (FSA) of Japan is about to lift the ban that they imposed on the use of stablecoins in mid-2022. Because of the previous ban over the use of stablecoins, most Japanese exchanges do not offer crypto trading pairs with stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. And those who offered are not registered with the FSA. This is an important step, from the Japanese perspective as well, because currently, Japan is in a critical financial situation and some bold steps from the Bank of Japan have been taken place recently, so this lift of the ban might be part of that strategy, who knows!

Japan to Aprrove Use of Stablecoins

But the good thing about this lift-over is that now almost every Japanese crypto exchange can provide stablecoin paired crypto trading to their users as well as attract and offer their services to international traders. Another important perspective to consider here is, that international remittance will be very fast and cheap. As we all know Japan is a tech hub and attracts a number of the international workforce to work there, and these people face the remittance issue. But with stablecoins, transferring wealth across the globe without any price volatility will be possible.

Now the question is how this adoption of stablecoins impact the crypto market. In my opinion, in the long-term, it is beneficial, as the market will be opened to many more users and increase the competitiveness in the centralized exchanges, which will result in more innovation and better features. Love to hear your opinion on this stablecoin adoption in Japan, do share in the comments.

2. Former Russian President Predicts Monetary System Collapse & Many More Things!

Twitter was on fire when former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tweeted a thread of his 2023 predictions on the 27th of December. He predicted the fall of the European Union, Bretton Woods monetary management system as well as other drastic geo-political scenarios, and Elon Musk winning the presidential election. And the fuel to the fire, Elon Musk gets involved and mentioned Dmitry Medvedev’s tweet as an ‘Epic Thread’! Later Elon clarified that he was joking while calling out it ‘Epic’.

After that, the game of reactions started, and many people started sharing their opinions, some calling it’s drunk tweet while some called in support. But why I chose this news to be in Crypto Bulletin? Even if it is not related to crypto? Well surely it is not ‘directly’ connected to the crypto but it is important to notice that the people are calling out stuff like Bretton Woods Monetary Management System, which isn’t supposed to exist today! I hope you guys will google it if you are not aware of what Bretton Woods MMS is, you guys will be shocked!

One more thing to mention here is, Dmitry Medvedev also said that Poland and Hungary will occupy Ukrainian territory, I am definitely not supporting this or any other ‘prediction’ of him! My only context was Elon Musk and Bretton Woods MMS.

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