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Faucet Crypto Review – Pour-ing Over The Details



Cryptocurrency is – despite current trends – a booming market, with a tonne of newbies being introduced to it every day. Automatic faucets (or Auto Faucets) offer ways to earn small amounts of said crypto for completing tasks or for simply logging onto their website. As there are so many Auto Faucets out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are worth your time. This review aims to narrow it down for you.

Main Features

Today's review will focus on Faucet Crypto – an easy way to earn free cryptocurrencies! While the site has only been around for a few years, it stands out in a few different ways. Below are the ways that can turn this faucet into a hose:

Easily the best feature is the Direct Withdrawal system. For a cost of 50 coins (or currently 5.82 Bitcoin Satoshi) you can obtain one of twenty cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Horizen. Timing your withdrawal is key, as your chosen coin reserve will often be empty on the site. The breadth of options and ease of withdrawal certainly makes up for this though!

The most unique feature, however, is the Items System. Every task on the site can earn you either a Potion, Ring, Gem or Bracelet – these mythical items can confer bonuses to your account. Below is a list of what each will do...careful, there are a lot of numbers below:

  • Potions – Drink the best potions and you can get a 19% reward multiplier, a 44% item drop chance or a 12 experience boost on every completed task.

  • Rings – The shiniest rings give you access to a maximum 18% referral commission boost, a faucet claim timer reduction of 16 mins, a 44% item drop chance, a 10 experience boost or a 19% reward multiplier.

  • Gems – Only the clearest 24-carat gems can reap an instant gain of 160 experience points.

  • Bracelets – The most jangly bangles that'll wrangle a tantalising dangle (too much?) of a prize can get a 13% reward multiplier, a 12% referral commission boost, a faucet claim timer reduction of 14 mins, an extra 10 experience on each task or a 39% item drop chance.

Make of these numbers what you will – they are overwhelming! You can also buy these items on the bustling on-site market for the best boosts. These can be worth it if you want to use this as your main faucet. The item market has a current market cap of 312,743,108 (or about $12,600) so others think it's worth it too!

Faucet Crypto also has the usual amount of Offerwalls, Shortlinks and PTC Ads as tasks – although they have the fewest offerwalls available for users with six.

The site also has challenges which can give you experience + coins

Complete Challenges on the Site for added XP and Coins

Earning Rate

Getting to Level 20 on here will be priority as that will open up everything on the site. That being said, the earning rate is low. You can only withdraw a certain amount of coins a day, for me this is 4250.00. That means per day I can withdraw a maximum of £0.14 of any cryptocurrency. It's worth mentioning that this can be upped with items and referrals but this figure may be off-putting to some.


Let's take a look at the pros and cons before we hammer out a final judgement.


  • One of the easiest withdrawal systems by far

  • Unique item system

  • Grown to be a prolific site in a short amount of time


  • Can't use a VPN or Adblocker on the site

  • Ads can get a bit annoying

  • Your preferred cryptos will often be out of stock or unable to be withdrawn

  • Withdrawal cap can be limited


Faucet Crypto boasts a unique item system and the easiest withdrawal system out of all I have looked at so far. The amount of cryptos available to earn is also impressive. Still, it will be a hard sell for those who want to earn more than £0.14/day. Many other faucets will have a higher selection of Offerwalls too, such as Fire Faucet and Cointiply.

This is still a new faucet though and I feel like it puts forward enough interesting concepts for you to give it a look.


Faucet Crypto referral link:

Non-referral link:


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