Voice - the new EOSIO based social media platform - is now Live!
Voice - the new EOSIO based social media platform - is now Live!

If you are one of the many who have been eagerly awaiting on the beta app of Voice to go live, well... today is the day!  As of 2/14/2020 Voice is now up and running, though by invite only.


What is Voice?

Voice is a new social media app that aims to provide transparent content.  All users must prove their identity before gaining access to the platform.  No bots, fake or burner accounts are allowed.  Voice aims to keep the platform free of fake and misleading posts, something that has notoriously been an issue for Facebook and Twitter.

Voice leverages EOSIO blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS.  Similarly to other social platforms (such as Steamit), users are allowed to create and weigh in on others' content, and can be rewarded with Voice tokens.  Voice tokens can be used to upvote comments.


How to request access to the beta?

For now you need to request beta access by visiting: https://voice.com/request-beta/


How do you create an account?

Once your beta access has been approved you will receive an invite email with instructions.  The on-boarding process will require that you provide your personal information including name, date of birth, and address of residence.  After that you will be required to upload a selfie (which for time being will be your profile picture as well) and upload a photo capture of either your Driver's License or Passport.  The verification process should take about an hour to complete after that.
Once your personal information is verified you will be asked to create a username, which can be any combination of lower case letters and numbers.  The app will generate a unique password for you that you will be asked to securely save.  It is not currently possible to reset a password.
Once logged in you can start exploring and posting content, but keep in mind that all posts are final (can't be edited) and that your full legal name is attached to each post or comment.


See you there!


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