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TradeOgre: The queen of ancient times

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 13 Apr 2022



Greetings Friends;

Before writing, would you like to ask a question? Do you often remember the old days? Do you often remember the moments that were part of your strength and development as a trader? Yes my friends in my case yes and today I have knowledge and I didn't stop looking it was thanks to this exchange and others from old times like Coinexchange, Livecoin, TradeSatoshi, NovaExchange and Cryptopia but for me TradeOgre is better for its simplicity, ease and agility, never had a problem. Therefore, I come to write about TradeOgre, an excellent exchange from the olden days that for me is very reminiscent of Cryptopia and even surpasses it. The interface is wonderful and it has a Dark Mode option.


The exchange experience is simple and it all starts with the image below:



Very simple and easy if you don't have an account just create one with an email account, easy right? 


After login or registering, you will see the image below:



Currently the exchange has 95 coins and 106 trading pairs, that's right my friends there is a wide variety of new and old projects to trade. The vast majority are CryptoNight and Various Algo. There are other projects with other algorithms, doubt it? Access Miningpoolstats to learn more about categories and algorithms.


Clicking on the Market option...



The TradeOgre market is simple and boils down to market variation, volume, price, high and low. Excellent place to train for those who are starting in the world of crypto. You will find trading on the pair of Bitcoin, Litecoin and UDST (Stable Coin).


Now the most awaited image is below: Trading (Laughs)


Chart style is the most famous candlestick within stock, forex and crypto market. As you can see the interface and manipulation in the exchange is very simple and easy.

Want to know more? Find out about related projects at Troca; Access:

Coinmarketcap or Coingecko




If you're looking for something new or reminiscing about old times I recommend you check out TradeOgre and if you're also looking for a place to train and make some investment and maybe how to find a diamond, this is the place!!!



Don't waste time...



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Crypto Bits
Crypto Bits

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