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By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 27 Aug 2021



Greetings friends! It's been a while since I've written. I confess to you that I ran out of ideas and I don't write with a lack of ideas. However, I was at rest researching and analyzing the cryptocurrency market and I came across Mincoin. What is Mincoin? That's exactly what I did, I went researching about this project and because with an extremely low supply for market standards and demand it's forgotten and isolated.

In its basic concept it's a P2P Blockchain with Algo: Scrypt that's right and its mining is compounded on the strength of the ASIC a high standard in the mining world. Its technical information is summarized below.


Launched: April 03, 2013
Proof-Of-Work: Scrypt
Symbol: MNC
Total Supply: 10 Million Coins
Target Block Spacing: 1 minute
Difficulty Adjustment: SplashGuard Adjusts Difficulty Every Block
Subsidy: 2 MNC/Block
Reduction: None
Premined: Zero Premine
Transaction Confirmation: 6
Full Maturity For Mined Blocks: 300 Confirmations


10 million Supply and Zero(premine)!!! There is great difficulty to mine and the receiving block is 2 Mincoin(MNC). If you are thinking that after reading this motivational article you will be able to mine quickly (You are mistaken, Laughter)


Going back to the description and observation of the project, we can find a good development of the team and its updates. It's a project launched in 2013 and has been following several types of markets and adhesions to new concepts and market vision. Mincoin has its own forum which although little used was created to avoid a possible ban from other forums and despite there being democracy in the development of Blockchain the team thought about creating its own forum for the community welfare and project development. Another interesting detail: The project can be found on several ranking sites such as coingecko, coin360, coinpaprika

As we can see, the project is still under development and lacks the support of new members in the community and I believe that with more strength the project can show its true potential for the market. The project follows the experimental line, that is, at any time the project can change for the better and of course, with the support of the community and supporters. In addition to mining you can get Mincoin(MNC) in exchanges: Unnamed and Altmarkets.

Remember that I'm just here to show you a new project and invite you to be part of the community with your opinion. So if you are looking for something to invest in the long term (which may depend on the adhesion to new exchanges and dissemination) and with a large development margin, this is the right project. Don't forget to access the Resources below(A big hug).





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