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Conquering Space...

SpaceXpanse(ROD) - Conquering Space through Transparency

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 2 Feb 2023




Greetings Friends;


In this article I will talk about SpaceXpanse, a project aimed at providing a platform for the development of Metaverses as a whole, with the proposal of implementations for different use cases, such as personal or collective through dApps and other benefits that are under development that it's worth checking the access links and following the trajectory. My objective in this article is not to show technical details so as not to disturb my abstract reflections, but to show that through transparency and recognition of the moment in which we live, we can solve a problem or find a need that society seeks for its development. The main concept of the SpaceXpanse project is to guarantee a differentiated experience when using its platform and one of its metaverses. The metaverse was born to represent and exceed the dreams of people who aim to expand their skills or even make new friends and contacts in general. We know that this technology can be considered a new advent along with the Wheel, Fire, Paper, Industrialization, Internet, Cryptocurrency and recently the Metaverse that is walking where every day its expansion affects more people and shows that it's possible to have a virtual world and alternative to conventional.

In its introduction, we must keep in mind the effects of the Metaverse in our lives and how this project can help its initiation and adherence so that in the end everyone develops and grows in their respective segments, whether as a user or as a developer. Therefore, in addition to providing the necessary tools, SpaceXpanse will guarantee every possibility of participating in a community focused exclusively on the future that integrates Web3 and, if possible, go beyond. Below I will describe the project and its possible functionalities in the current reality and project some ideas with this project.

After all, dreaming is always good and motivates us to overcome the impossible.

What is SpaceXpanse(ROD)?



Continuing with the introduction SpaceXpanse is becoming a self-sustaining Multiverse where with its functionalities it will connect all dimensions of possibility by visiting any place in space(Established Metaverse) and enjoying its sensations. The project will use its own currency(Blockchain)ROD to serve as an interaction engine in the infrastructure and in its economy as a whole. However, there will be other options and connection of assets to the ecosystem. Now think with me; imagine an was, a moment, a place where everyone will be able to develop skills, acquire new knowledge, social contacts with the possibility of creating an entire metaverse for themselves or even for a company, commercial brand, music group, Star Trek fans, movie fans, Japanese cartoon fans among others. The most interesting thing is that it can be filled with whatever you want like: friends, planets, space stations, ships, islands, castles, vehicles and in your opinion will this be the future? Of course not, it's happening now, it's almost and growing every day.

Being a Multiverse everyone will benefit from the possibility of entertainment such as:
- Participate in virtual games
- Interact with other people
- Watch movies
- Participate in virtual events and concerts
- Being part of an ecosystem and a gigantic community.

Another interesting point is that in addition to providing options for entertainment and escapism, residents will be able to perform other functions and benefit from the alternatives of segments of common life in the SpaceXpanse Multiverse; such as:

Investments: Investment opportunities in virtual assets.

Social life: Various forms of social interaction.

Legal: Provide a legal framework to protect your real and virtual assets.

Entertainment: Various forms of entertainment.

Privacy: Full control over your personal data.

Shopping: Buying products in a virtual environment.

Tourism: Opportunities for virtual travel and exploration.

Jobs: Opportunities for virtual work and remote collaboration.

Study: Opportunities for virtual education and training.

Health: Virtual consultations.

Creators: Provide an expansive platform for creators to unleash their imagination.

Developers: Provides a top-notch platform for developers to design and distribute their content.

Players: Provide a virtual environment where players can connect with each other in an interactive way.

Manufacturers: Provide opportunities for virtual product demonstrations and trials.

Investors: Unique investment opportunities, including investments in virtual assets, virtual experiences and virtual services.

Scientists: Provide a virtual laboratory for scientists to carry out their specific or derived simulations and studies.

Visionaries: provide a platform to encourage and engage visionaries to pass on their ideas and visions.


Have you analyzed and reflected on the size of the possibility of this project and its possible effects on society? By bringing the functionalities of the real society to the virtual, the SpaceXpanse project will provide the opportunity to expand your horizons and your networks of contacts. Each segment of action I mentioned above corresponds to infinite possibilities for gains, whether financial, emotional, mental or even physical gains if you attend the virtual gym (by attending the training classes and practicing at home/another place). In a deeper analysis, we can consider and assimilate the SpaceXpanse project as a Country in the virtual world, enabling the creation of several states, provinces, departments and cities where each mentioned jurisdiction corresponds to a Metaverse. We can assimilate it in another way and in this each as a mothership that carries in its "internal" an infinity of smaller ships and these smaller ships are the possible metaverses and integrations.

I could say that the sky is the limit but for this project the Multiverse Cluster is the limit(Laughs)



Take a look at the Pre-alpha Demo...

Below is the rising development of the project simulator...



Ideas and Development

It is worth mentioning that the project is under development, which, as you saw in the video above, is in its initial phase. According to the developers, the expansion could take a few years and in that time there will be vigorous management in the means of development through repositories, teams and other details transforming the development project into a kind of core.

Haptic technology in the Metaverse

An innovative and very incredible technology that is under development in many universities around the world where it will enable the use of equipment(Wireless) that can be used to add tactile senses to augmented reality and extended reality experiences, allowing the user to have perceptions more convincing in virtual environments.

Now I ask you, have you thought about this technology in the SpaceXpanse project? Do I need to reflect? I don't think so(Laughs)

The project is at the beginning and over the years and development, new resources, investors, developers may appear and who knows one day add this technology to the ecosystem.



SpaceXpanse Specifications:


Name: SpaceXpanse

Symbol: ROD

Algo: neoscrypt-xaya/SHA256d, for merged mining - ChainID:1899

Total Coin Supply:  4,615,066,365²



Pool 1(Main Algo)

Pool 2







In my opinion, being part of a revolution is something noble that must be respected and this project tends to add a lot to society if it's followed and promoted in its advances. I cannot forget to point out to old users and supporters that there was a change in the scope of the project from developing a metaverse game to the development of a complete platform for the development of metaverses and this is the central priority of the project(Present) and goes beyond a simple game. Overall, it's a great investment opportunity in every way you can imagine.

Participating in this revolution will enable a very large gain for you who seek to develop through knowledge and skills that you would not have opportunity in the normal world.

It's worth reflecting.


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