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By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 28 Aug 2021



Before starting to write, I would like to make it clear that this project is 3 years old, but it was recently reworked and that means it's still in development and needs analysis before receiving criticism. Another detail is that I'm just showing a new project and its possibilities and the responsibility for investing and researching is the reader's. Maybe your opinion can favor the project and make it reach new heights (what do you think?) 

In the world of crypto there are many projects with algorithmic variations and bifurcations and that's not a bad thing, there are just hundreds of possibilities to provide a satisfactory product for investors and supporters. So it was with this in mind that Litecoin Finance Developer reformulated by changing the algorithm "YescryptR32" to "YesPoWerR16" encouraging this new mining path.

                  Technical Details and Specifications:


  • Name of the coin: Litecoin Finance
    Ticker: LTFN
    Proof Type: POW
    Fork at block: 1 550 000
    Old Pow Algorithm Before EPOCH 1618941625: YescryptR32
    New Pow Algorithm After EPOCH 1618941625: YesPoWerR16
    P2P Port: 39328
    RPC Port: 39327
    Address letter prefix: C
    Multisig Address prefix: N
    Bech32 Address prefix: ltfn
    2-way replay protection: Yes
    Block time: 2.5m ( 150 second )
    Maturity: 100 + 1 blocks
    Block maximum size: 8mb
    Difficulty Re-target: Every block - Gravity Wave before block 1858801 with pastblock 12,
     after with standart 24 rule
    Reward: Reward 50 coins will start from block 1858801 and next 661 200 blocks before it go to halving rule block,
     next 84 000 blocks will be with reward 25 , etc...
    Maximum coin supply: 170,835,000 - (84 0000 * 50 + 84 000 * 25 + before update mined 178 800 * 12.5 + 661 200 by reward * 50 ,
     then 25 halving will be every 84 0000 blocks what is at and 51 999 999.99022111 + 20 500 000 so the maximum amount will be 170835000.
    That ammount never be reached as some coins is losed forever from LTC chain, use gettxoutsetinfo for undestand.)
    Network magic: a7b388e9
    forkid: 42
    sighash forkid: 0x40
    Tx Sighash structure: SIGHASH_ALL + SIGHASH_FORKID
    SIGHASH_ALL + SIGHASH_FORKID in decimal: 65


Like every blockchain Litecoin Finance is an experimental project that seeks to solve the problem of instant payments and to reinforce Litecoin Finance is a P2P currency that allows instant payments and almost zero cost to anyone in the world(Blockchain basic principle)Its code is open and decentralized and everyone with programming knowledge can contribute to the development of the project on Github

Transaction confirmation time is fast and efficient compared to multiple projects. Therefore, it's a great option to complement market demands and needs. Litecoin Finance can be found on analysis and ranking websites such as Coingecko. There is also the possibility to check the mining statistics in the Pool and to finish, I can't forget to mention that the project was added to Crex24 which is an excellent exchange for new projects.


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Crypto Bits
Crypto Bits

I can say that the powerful Blockchain allows new models based on trust and the development of new models to be followed, but how? The models enable a digital and autonomous future, capable of adding values to society.

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