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SafeDeal(SFD) - A fortress Providing Security and Privacy

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 13 Mar 2023



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It cannot be emphasized enough that security and privacy are important segments in the crypto world and both play an important role in the fate and success of any project. At the current moment we can find several options, but unfortunately there are few that deliver both qualities in synchrony. So there is a dilemma to be analyzed: Not every secure project delivers privacy and not every private project delivers security and we can spend days debating on this but it doesn't come to the point but the importance of knowing a project that breaks this dilemma. So, in this article I will write about SafeDeal a project that was born to provide security and privacy at the same time and all this in benefit of decentralization and P2P.  The project's proposal is to provide a simple ecosystem that meets today's demands which in this case is security and privacy. The idea of always highlighting these segments means a kind of warning for you to observe the market and see if you really find these two segments in harmony and synchrony. The positive side of this situation is that there are always developers(SafeDeal) willing to solve this problem or at least open the way for possible solutions, where in the future new partners and developers join the project in order to expand, after all the more people who help the project the bigger it gets and the greater will be its rise in projection with prosperity.


What is Safedeal(SFD)?

SafeDeal is a project where it has its own cryptocurrency and an ecosystem to bring meaning to its existence, where besides being a project that only provides transfers and accumulation of value, it provides a real meaning of use. Its currency is summarized in POW(Proof-of-Work) and POS(Proof-of-Stake) where it provides a hybrid network that prevents 51% attacks and brings the necessary security to its entire blockchain. The project provides masternode and stakes for allocators where they benefit from earnings for holding a node or coins in their wallet.  In practical terms SafeDeal Coin is the main vital source of its P2P exchange(anonymous, files and information) and its bridge Dapps(Decentralized Applications) that guarantee all the security, privacy, autonomy and anonymity for its trades and interactions on its platforms.

The costs and commissions remain within the platforms and are consequently adjusted by them. What can we conclude from these platforms?
We can expect anonymity and freedom in managing and conditioning business where there are no fraud and related issues.


Real proposal of the project and what symbolism of the fortress?

The SafeDeal project proposal by essence is to deliver an ecosystem where it can connect all the people in the world, providing something that decentralizes finances so that everyone can use P2P without the intervention of third parties and where they can be free to trade in a free, secure and anonymous(private) way. The community has and will have an important role in this proposal and essence as a whole because thanks to the power of the community the SafeDeal project will be able to reach new people through the sharing of ideas and information, propelling it to new heights.

In relation to the symbolism of the fortress I used this association because it's a symbol that connects the idea of privacy and security to it. So I reflected on the following idea: Can anyone know what happens inside a fortress if no information leaks out from inside? Therefore, everything that happens is inside the fortress(And nothing comes out of there).
Its meaning is connected to thousands of years in various cultures and manifestations of past civilizations. Its symbol refers to: Defense, Security, Posture of Firmness, Breaking Fear, Consistency, Durability, Privacy, Strength and Vigor.

In general, this symbol demonstrates the soundness of the SafeDeal project.



The power that is in our hands



Through this project we can benefit from your Dapps, your currency, the possibilities of gaining with masternode/ stakes and every possibility of trading freely. By bringing this into practicality it's our right to have control of our actions in the conventional world and also in the digital world(crypto), so financial decentralization is the right of society as a whole and this doesn't happen nowadays, so SafeDeal is the power in your hands to make a difference and ensure safe experiences when it comes to blockchain and related issues. On the other hand, we cannot deny that there is a long way to decentralization of the cryptocurrency market because there is a lot of political and financial interference, but no matter, but it's how we behave when the necessary changes occur.

So I'm not saying that these changes will occur immediately, but it's a slow process, but in time it will happen one way or another, and when it does SafeDeal will be waiting for you as a decentralized fortress.


SafeDeal Specifications:


Name: SafeDeal

Symbol: SFD

Algo: X11(PoW+PoS)  Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake

Total Supply: 10 Million

Explorer 1

Explorer 2

Explorer 3


Masternode Online






Binance Price


















This article is just introductory and motivational where I intend to show the essence of the project in a different way so that you know and understand its true meaning. It is noteworthy that it contains little technical information where I believe it would disturb my abstract intentions. Therefore, all technical and related information are available in the access links at the end of the article.

In general, and in my opinion it's a solid project that needs to be recognized due to its time in the market and development.

And the project? Is under constant enhancement.


*Note: If any link is not working it's because it's under maintenance...



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