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Prophet: Conquering success and using prediction curves in the markets

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 17 Sep 2022





Greetings friends;


New products and new ideas are welcome in any area of life, right? We can say that new thoughts and applications can change the direction of a project, generating possibilities and experiences that previously did not exist with stagnation. Another important point is market saturation and issues related to the use and practicality of a particular project, what does that mean? It means that investors of all levels don't want something just to consider as a store of value, but something else that makes sense of any investment. So it's with this reflection that I'm going to write about Prophet, a by-product of the Obyte project whose main objective is to help you direct your investments in a joyful and promising way.

It's worth mentioning that this article is only introductory and motivational with the purpose of showing something different that brings meaning and results. Now if you are looking for information and technical derivatives, I recommend that you join the community, access the links to find out or do your own research.

My intention is to help.


What is Prophet and what is its purpose?



Before knowing about Prophet we should know the quick meaning of the Obyte project and what would it be? Obyte is an intelligent payments platform that is conditioned, built and based on super scalable DAG technology, having fast confirmations, no miners, no blocking, low fees entering the list of green projects capable of corresponding with the environmental guidelines of the world of crypto that are demanding over the years. So, Obyte was born solving these issues, opening paths to new possibilities and that's where the Prophet sub-product or sub-project comes into action, that is, in other words, Prophet is a platform that allows you to place bets on the results of various future events.

Yes my friends it's simple, fast and easy to use...

What are the possibilities?

When looking at the image I created to configure my expression in this article, you will see that I have placed the football leagues and statistics related to the cryptographic world with the Bitcoin symbol, that is, the platform currently has predictions for football matches and variations on crypto, possibilities and odds for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Obyte or any other project that interestingly makes it possible to allocate funds for the benefit of the predictions. By making the correct predictions, in other words (tapping the hand; chuckles), punters make money. If a bettor's prediction is wrong, he loses the bet.

The images below can help you connect with purpose... See:









In addition to seeking to predict future events such as: sports, currencies/stocks/commodities, political events, economic statistics, ie predicting positive or negative situations, is there the possibility of creating several segments to predict how the market value of NFT's will be, will the metaverse market be promising in 2023? There are infinite ways to bet.

Click on the word learn more and you will be directed to learn how it works simply and quickly.

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Back to the world of possibilities...

With this platform we can bring movement and liquidity to the entire market, but how? When betting against or in favor of a project, there is the possibility of the holders of that project trying to move in favor or against a certain dispute. Like this?


When creating an arrangement as: Obyte will cost $29 or more until the start of the Qatar Cup(November 20th?). Being the one who bets favor will do everything to publicize the project, spread it to friends and family.

However, those who bet against will hope that it falls more(laughs)... This is very interesting.


World Cup


Being an excellent forecasting and betting tool based on decentralization and seeking liquidity, I believe that the Prophet project can grow a lot with the biggest sporting event on the planet and in this case I'm talking about the world cup. The sky is the limit with the possibilities, options and variations to predict and the more bets and stakes the greater the liquidity and the greater the winnings. An interesting arrangement is to try to predict the champion of the cup, will Brazil be Six-Time Champion? Will a new team win the title? Which selection will rank from group A and so on(Laughs).




In my opinion, I think the power and strength of DeFi is incredible, that is, through decentralized protocols and with simple and compound mathematics we find the result of this mixture on the Prophet platform where with the power of betting and prediction there is the possibility of someone or a group of people earn a considerable amount of money and that without making a lot of effort, ie just betting and believing in your convictions. Another important point is that if have an excellent publicity, this project can go far because besides being simple, it's easy to use and easy to handle without the need for great knowledge and especially technical knowledge. In the end, helping you and others is a noble purpose that deserves attention because it's a rare thing to find.



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