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Sidechain Focused on Micropayments.

Polis: A project in constant evolution.

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 15 Nov 2021


Is everyone ready to read something enlightening?


Before describing about the project and its updates, I would like to make it clear that all information written or through images is handled by Eddyc(Me) and that all information is contained in the access links mentioned at the end of the article. Remember that this article is motivational and can be considered an attraction for your investment. There are several ways and models of writing but I chose to motivate because a technical article does not always generate investment influences and a clear example of this: Can we ask the following question? Who of all the investors and supporters of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency has read, analyzed or studied the Whitepaper of these projects? You don't even need to answer because the number of people is minimal.

The focus of this article is to show you the starting point and how Polis jumped from fork Dash to EVM. A very curious transformation of those who jumped from Web2 to Web3 (Olympus Network) and this will be detailed in a basic way. Another interesting point is to know that nothing life is eternal and that evolutions are necessary for a better environment, for a better community and for a better world.




What is Polis?


The meaning of the word Polis derives from the idea of Polis which has as meaning City State in ancient Greece that brought to the development of Humanity the origin of meaning in all cities in the world. Thus, bringing to the reality of cryptocurrency, the Polis project brings in itself the energy of aggregating the entire concentration of activities in the crypto world itself, which ranges from common buying and selling to speed benefits with debit cards and related derivatives generating the "idea city" where each department makes up the ecosystem. Maybe you don't find this concept because it's a personal analysis and I see it as a meeting point for development and actions of the environment and that by the way Polis is an archetypal name and can bring figurative security of a city to the blockchain of the same.



Returning for a deeper analysis Polis is the main asset of the Olympus Network ie it's the basis of everything, the heart. Allowing the user to pay minimal transaction fees as well as transfer values ​​stored in Polis within the network, solidifying the network. Polis supports EVM(“The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a computing engine that acts as a decentralized computer that has millions of executable projects. It acts as the virtual machine that is the foundation of the entire Ethereum operating framework. It is considered the part of Ethereum that performs the execution and implementation of the smart contract. EVM's role is to implement a number of extra functionality in the Blockchain to ensure that users face limited issues in the distributed ledger. "To learn more, go to: Article.

What does that mean?

It means that the network is capable of executing intelligent contract code, the execution of this type of code requires the executor to pay some fees, which are closely related to the code being executed, this fee can also only be covered in Polis, strengthening the generating ecosystem again lightness and speed as a whole.


The beginning...

At the beginning of the project, Polis was based on a proof of work, DASH fork in 2017 which then changed to its own implementation of Proof of Participation in 2018. We can say that this initial development has yielded great results such as Polispay a storage platform , exchange and payments and I believe to be the strongest project in the segment in the world of crypto. The Polispay platform brings with it benefits such as The wallet offers unique services, such as:

  • - PolisPay Shift: instant conversion between cryptos.
    - Blockbook Compatibility: Add your own Blockbook Server to control your wallet.
    - Full compatibility with BIP39 (mnemonic phrases) and BIP32 (HD wallets).
    - Private key storage on device, no data enter our servers. This is a truly no-custodial portfolio, you have full control of your assets.
    - Vouchers: Pay for various services using Polis! Gift cards have never been so easy!
    - Epay card top up: Top up your Epay Mastercard card within the app
    - Trezor support.

Access the Polispay Website to learn more and don't forget to be a part of and try out the platform.

In continuation, from 2018 to the beginning Polis was in stagnation and there was no major development beyond Polispay and this showed limitations for the project to advance. So what was the big move to reverse the situation? Adhesion in the DeFi market because in a way it would bring something new to the ecosystem so limited. And how would this be done? Polis in early 2021 became a BEP20 token in Smart Chain Binance to take advantage of the ever-increasing supply of DeFi projects. Did that give you an advantage? In a way, yes, the project migrated to web 2.0 where most of the old Blockchains are migrating to bring greater clarity in negotiations and strengthening and lightness in negotiations. Unfortunately, there were some unforeseen problems along the way that forced the developers to go back to their own network in September 2021. However this time the project came back with its own network whose name is Olympus, another archetypal name (Laughter) which brings again the idea of ​​union and a promising foundation for the community.


DAO Confirmation and Soundness.

Before writing about DAO, we must make it clear that this concept is quite old and that the idea is based since the beginning of big projects like Ethreum, Dash and others. In a way it's a very interesting concept for a decentralized project but if you are not careful it can fall into the favor of centralization due to the large amount of votes for a particular individual or established group, bringing internal political problems and running away from the concept altogether.  In short, DAO is an Autonomous Decentralized Organization or a management without a central authority that can be governed by a group of authorized members chosen by a larger community.

In order not to get lost in the same mistake of the past, the developers together with the community elected in a decentralized way 5 managers who will control important segments for the development of the project (Polis) and benefit to the community and the established areas are:

- Technology
- Business,
- Marketing
- Adoption
- Communication

To learn more visit:


What to expect from the Polis project?


In general summary Polis is EVM sidechain focused on micropayments projecting the same for the future, that's right my friends Polis goal is to be part of the payments world of the present and the future. In my opinion Polis is every day preparing for the web 3.0 focusing on speed and ease in transactions and who knows how to guarantee a space in the metaverse? (It might be an interesting idea). Focusing on Polis development has a long way to go, as any project that focuses on sincerity and benefit for the community and society must be analyzed and recognized as an experiment that sooner or later a real product will emerge more solid.

Don't pay attention to opinions that undermine the project and your personal analysis, do your research and draw your own conclusions. This article can also be considered as a light introduction that can serve as a basis for your research and analysis.


Regarding the Polis market analysis, it can be found at: Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Coinpaprika.

Your trade can be found:






If you need technical information go to Github or go to Discord to learn more and be part of the community.




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