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Onecoin(ONECN) - Focusing on Success and the Future

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 22 Feb 2024


Greetings Friends;

In this article I'm going to write about Onecoin(ONECN), a blockchain that aims to deliver interesting rewards for users and development. It may sound strange, but it actually makes sense to set aside stakes for development. A combination of PoW and PoS guarantees all the security and also ensures energy efficiency compared to just one strand. Discussions can be had, but energy is a hot topic and being left out of it could be bad compared to future projections. Therefore, providing energy efficiency is not a luxury but a necessity for society and the planet as a whole. With regard to its blockchain, Onecoin(ONECN) will guarantee its infrastructure through PoW earnings where its last block is set at: 10,000,000.

Now when we think of fun, the meaning fits Onecoin(ONECN) because its simple, basic interface carries with it the energy of the past, bringing nostalgic when we use its wallet. Perhaps a future design would be interesting, but not forgetting its origins would be quite interesting, wouldn't it? Development has just begun, as of this writing, and possibly in the future its alignment will be well advanced compared to today.

What is Onecoin(ONECN)?

In connection with the introduction Onecoin(ONECN) is a cryptocurrency project that uses the unification of PoW and PoS to guarantee security in its blockchain where through this basic combination it diffuses attacks and security weaknesses. It was born out of the need for a simple currency that provides security, decentralization and sustainability. This is summed up in the integration of the Scrypt algorithm with Proof-of-Stake, with the aim of guaranteeing a fair distribution of coins and energy efficiency. Because it's simple, fun is a basic requirement in the proposal for the community, where its aim is to connect the entire community for the benefit of something greater, which in this case is the growth of the project. How would it be done? Very simple... The more people who use your network, the more solid it becomes and the more efficient its expansion becomes. In practice, it all comes down to continuous use of the ecosystem.

What can you expect from this project?

Expecting lightness, security and a reserve of value are the basic requirements and expecting something beyond this beginning is creating illusions. We know that the hybridization of PoW and PoS is beneficial from your infrastructure to your community configuration. What does that mean? It means that with the gains from PoS and possible internal donations, large publicity and creativity campaigns can appear, further stimulating the expansion of the community. Supporting some development niches may also be interesting for Onecoin developers, such as:

- Development of games with rewards and use of the Onecoin blockchain,

- Support in decentralized applications to serve as a bridge in current layers,

- Create your own exchange or a DEX

- Support and encourage the Bug Hunter

- Support and encourage donations to social projects(Animals, needy people, among others).


A Difference that can Change the Course of your Trajectory...

If you look in the currency settings and in your wallet you will see that 20% of your stakes will go to the developers' fund. Soon you receive 20 coins and 4 coins will go to the fund. This way you win 16 coins on each stake. Now, the question that a lot of people are asking themselves or could be asking themselves? Is this right? Will this bring any benefits? Will it leave developers with an advantage?
Before reflecting on what we should, think about it this way: How does a project develop? We can conclude in a few steps

- Initial investors
- Allocations on exchanges
- Donations
- Valuation of the project



Right? Now... If there was a way to skip these steps without having to wait for investors and project appreciation? So, being a PoS project, what do you think about automatically contributing to the project if is necessary or something related? Especially because 20% of the stakes will help the entire ecosystem and its infrastructure. On the other hand, I'm not saying that donations and investors are not necessary, but perhaps some resource allocations could help with development and use resources from donations and bureaucratic matters and connections. In short, we must understand that such resources from these stakes will be separated for basic development and that external donations can be used in other ways.

It all depends on the point of view.

In practice, this variation and dedication to development allows for new paths and integrity. Another detail that I cannot forget to mention is the possibility of leaving the bet receipt addresses for the public to look at and with burning possibilities, that is, naming a specific name on the blockchain that configures these possibilities. Now have you thought about how much this would encourage and encourage new investments and advancements? How much does it demonstrate confidence?


Symbology of the number 1!!!

The name onecoin carries with it the energy of the number 1 and by consequence and symbolism it must deliver a product or quality that follows this line. However, as it is at the beginning, expecting the top at the beginning would be unlikely, but at the moment we can expect number 1 in fun and it's possible to expect the top with the development and search for new paths. After all, a reserve of value and a means of payment is what is most available today and thousands of projects follow this line. The question is: Will Onecoin (ONECN) only remain in these configurations (Sending and Receiving)? Or will you enter some unknown territory that shapes you into something unique and pioneering?

I wouldn't be, but that's the magic of cryto and the possibilities are endless.


Curiosity must be something crucial among developers and as far as I know, developers have a lot of desire and dream big and no matter how great the difficulties are, they are fans of everything in the positive aspect to overcome these barriers.


Onecoin Specifications:


Name: Onecoin

Symbol: ONECN

Algo: Scrypt PoW/PoS

Last PoW Block: 10,000,000(No premine)








Coming soon...

Currently there is the possibility of buying and selling through Caldera on Discord/OTC



To conclude the article, you should know that Onecoin(ONECN) is in its infancy and that there is a trajectory and objectives that will be respected as it develops. So, as I made clear in my reflections, expecting something great at the beginning is an illusion and following its development would be the best way. Regarding exchanges, it will provide this possibility and for now you can stick with Caldera through OTC. On the technical aspect and for those who have already read my articles, this is just introductory and motivational and if you are looking for technical terms and variations of information, I recommend that you access the access links to find out more and stay up to date with updates.

In general, it's a simple project that has everything to deliver promising paths, just courage and commitment.

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