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NewYorkCoin: A great time to shine.

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 10 Nov 2021


Before starting to write about NewYorkCoin(NYC) let's take a look at the current situation. First of all I would like to make it clear that this article is my opinion, review and all the information you can find in the access and derivative links. In continuation Satoshi's great purpose was to motivate Bitcoin transactions and that one day Bitcoin would dominate the world in relation to finance and money power. (This is occurring naturally) But what does this have to do with NewYorkCoin(NYC)?

In a way, with the rise of Bitcoin, the market becomes increasingly heated, but many investors cannot buy, invest or adhere to it, generating an increase in prices, demand and other factors. So altcoins arose as an alternative means to match values and surpass in some technical parts, such as speed, stability and security of the network. NYC so said is a great option because it has some qualities that will be mentioned below:


* The Original (Lightning-Fast) NO FEE Payments Crypto Since 2014
* $0 Fee
* 30-sec transaction confirmations (unconfirmed in 1-2 sec's)
* One of the 1st brick-and-mortar cryptocurrency info centers in the -world (Mar 2018 - Sep 2018) located at 167 Mott Street, NY NY 10013.


However it may seem like a lot of marketing expression but there are many worthy projects and analyze and NYC is one of them. In my opinion on the subject of resources, only the truth of being ultra-fast and with a zero fee already drives us to join the same. An example is on Ethereum which has a GAS fee with a minimum cost of $18 where values can vary more or less. I have nothing against Ethereum or any other projects that pay large fees or large transaction costs but one thing is for sure, all projects with minimal or zero fees tend to be sought after in the near future, after all whoever wants to pay large fees to just send and receive(the Famous P2P)?


It's something for you to think my friends...



What is NewYorkCoin? And why choose this project?


NewYorkCoin(NYC) is an original, non-pre-mined blockchain created on March 6, 2014. Project NYCoin(also known as this prefix), is a fully open source code designed for daily payments (P2P). Going Back Compared to Bitcoin NYC has the first 30 second transactions compared to every 10 minutes Bitcoin 0 fee. Allowing and influencing a free network and a trading services platform. When we talk about the term choosing this project or how this project can suffer a great acceptance, we only need to analyze the basic part of the trade. NYC can be found on virtually all ranked websites like: Coinmarketcap, Coinpaprika and Coingecko.

Analyzing the amount of supply at the current price, there is a possibility of large increases because the value is well below $0.01 and for large investors this value is minimal.

Technical information:

Name: NewYorkCoin
Abbreviation: NYC
Alg: Scrypt
Max supply: 143,761,098,438 Billion

Replacements and technical information you can find on Github Official and Github Repository.

Trade is done in Exchanges:






Any news?


The biggest news in my opinion for the community and for the supporters was the possibility of changing your NYC to WNYC, putting the NewYorkcoin project in another level and in the present time. But what does it mean? We cannot deny that large Smart Contracts are being successful in Asia and for new investors of a current generation. So staying out of the game can influence a future failure and the team thought about it not to escape failure but to adapt to a new world.(A great move)

In technical terms WNYC stands for (Wrapped-NewYorkCoin) and is simply a BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) token that stands for NewYorkCoin (NYC). The price of a WNYC is equal to a NYC. NYC can be converted to WNYC and vice versa. Remember that this exchange is done at Southxchange, Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, Apeswap, Mdex, Koaladefi, Julswap, Goosedefi, Sushi. You've noticed that NYC is gradually building a solid ecosystem capable of bridging these networks to allow users to interact within those ecosystems using Wrapped-NewYorkCoin (WNYC) or (NYC) if desired. WNYC is currently integrated into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem of Binance Coin (BNB).


To learn more about Swap, visit the website and you will be on top of everything. 

To finish the news NYC recently sent a letter to the new mayor of NewYork and you can read it by clicking on the word Article. In this article The team as a whole congratulates the victory and shows with words the power of its project and we can consider it a noble endeavor with great possibilities for future business.




It doesn't matter the amount of words to be written on a project if it does not correspond to expectations and reality. If you are looking for some technical aspect, access the access links mentioned below the article. My focus with this article is to make people and investors see a great business opportunity at the current price and maybe you can consider it as opportunism but this is not is bad.

Big projects must be mentioned and I only write for big projects. A big hug to everyone.



My NYC Address:    RVUd5Kv9cWHzRmS5SxxTStUm6gEfb4zEV7






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