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Hashbit Blockchain: The difference between Blockchains

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 11 Feb 2023




Greetings Friends;


Being prepared and at the right time is the big differentiator when it comes to new experiences and goals and with this we can keep in mind which paths to follow or by having a north to get to. Despite its evolution, the crypto world needs new tools or connections that can help and benefit in every way. In addition to having a store of value why not have a store of useful value? Why can't we buy in-store? Acquire intensive and goods in the game world? Why can't we go to the supermarket and buy groceries? Why can't we buy real estate? Why can't we buy virtual land and participate in the metaverse and its possibilities? There are countless questions and concepts that we can reflect on and we could come up with several lines of reasoning but I need to be more specific and in this article I will reflect on Hashbit Blockchain, a fast and practical ecosystem that was born to answer the questions above and to your day to day life as a whole and can exceed large proportions, whether personal or business.

An economic structure needs constant innovation and open vision for everyone to benefit from something incredible that exceeds monetary value and goes beyond the thought of prosperity. Below I will explain the problems, solutions and possibilities of the Hashbit Blockchain project and it's worth mentioning that my goal here is to motivate you to research about the project and unfortunately I will not go into technical details because it would get in the way of my idea of writing something different that goes beyond the limits of a whitepaper. So using the imagination to explore a project has been my focus since I started because I believe that this will help any project to show its true potential.


What is Hashbit?


HashBit(HBIT) is an ultrathin Blockchain and EVM(Metamak) compatible, where its basic goal is to provide simplicity for any kind of integration, be it applications, games, online stores, educational applications, improvement applications among others and all this for the benefit of people or a collective that uses them, making it solve the issues I mentioned in the introduction. The project is constantly studied, analyzed where the developers try to make it perfect for daily use, allowing everyone to benefit from it on their computer or even their cell phone from anywhere in the world by providing a relentless structure of goal connections.

By using a proof-of-authority(PoA) consensus protocol, the project becomes reliable due to its structure and architecture where it becomes energy efficient and sustainable with minimal requirements that do not demand much from your operating system, whether physical or not. With this we can understand that HashBit Blockchain(HBIT) was designed with a universal structure for the continuous transformation of distributed accounting technology where flexibility facilitates the adoption of your blockchain and can be extended to any case of public or private use (personal or business). Its strength lies in its Smart Contracts and 100,000 where you can create any type of application and benefit for yourself and your environment with high performance and low fees.





Hashbit blockchain has sought and is seeking to solve all the needs that people and institutions face today. Therefore, with your Dapps, everyone will be able to interact with their ecosystem and enjoy all the speed and simplicity possible. You can meet them directly on the website and their descriptions, below are just the names and links in their segment:


1- HBIT Wrapped BEP20 Token    2- HBIT HBC20 Smart Chain    3- HashBitPAD DEX    4- HBIT Staking

5- HBIT Token Factory   6- Developers Docs    7- Bridge BEP20/HBC20    8- NFT MarketPlace

9- HBC20 Telegram Bot    10- HBC20 Charts    11- HBIT HBC20 Airdrop    12- HBIT HBC20 IDO LaunchPad

13- HBIT HBC20 WhatsApp Wallet  14- HBIT Hashlify


Focused on practice and possibilities...


In connection with the Dapps ecosystem you can understand that the Hashbit Blockchain project is ready to meet any expectation and possibility of interaction. So there is no point in writing beautifully and showing technical qualities and abstract qualities but what matters is practicality (we can find this in the project). Each proposed decentralized application influences and connects directly in your day to day life and needs. Another interesting point to be analyzed is that by providing these applications the ecosystem behaves as a provider of solutions and goals, influencing even more its adhesion along its development because this is a consequence of good work and connections.

The practical use differentiates a lot because what we find most in the crypto world is theory and a lot of assumptions but unfortunately we don't find the practicality of these technologies in the day to day life and because of this we find a huge saturation of market. I believe that the Hashbit Blockchain project can and should break this barrier that divides theory from necessity and by connecting the sides we find the necessary solution that we need so much.



Above is an image created by me for you to reflect on and below is specific information about the project.

Note*** To help you in your reflection, each symbol placed on the image represents a goal in pursuit of success:

Number 1(Trophy)
Be the fastest (Medal)
With a future vision (Binoculars)
Symbol of prosperity (Corn)


Hashbit Blockchain Specifications:


Name: Hashbit Blockchain

Symbol: HBIT

Decimals: 18

Total Suply: 50 Billion

Contract: 0xEda3866f07566d9379a91A07F8D62e19C03183e0

Explorer HBC20

Explorer BSC BEP-20


Chain ID: 11119
Name: HashBit Mainnet
RPC (Asia zone):
RPC (Europe zone):
Symbol: HBIT





















Finally, I tried to show what really matters in the project and how it can help you with your personal, business and even collective needs. My focus was to make you reflect on the use of this project and its possible alternatives. Another detail that I cannot forget is that at the end of the article there are access links for you to access technical information and all kinds of information necessary to help you create an opinion about the project.

Don't forget to be part of the community and follow its development.


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