A crypto pointing to an unimaginable future.

Ferrite(FEC) - A crypto pointing to an unimaginable future.

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 10 Aug 2023


Greetings Friends;

Unfortunately or fortunately the demand for privacy and excellence in the crypto world is growing every day and with that we must take into account the primary aspect of a project and in this case we can analyze the essence and what it can deliver. Being aware that creating a project for just financial value cannot guarantee a prosperous and lasting path. Therefore, in this article I will write about Ferrite(FEC) a project aimed at ensuring the basic needs of P2P, ensuring security and mining power. The idea is to show freedom and connect directly with the principles of decentralization through its community. In a way an excellent option for daily use or any segment of anyone's life due to low fees and low adherence at the moment(A great opportunity for those looking for a jewelry to invest and believe).

We should strive for the best but being in the right moment and at the right time can leverage you in every way such as: Financially, mentally and physically. Would that be luck? In my opinion there is no luck but people prepared and willing to receive this information. Now it's up to you what to do with this information from this article you are reading. In the introduction image I used the Centaur to represent instinct, intelligence, control, decision-making power and speed. According to ancient cultures and mythologies this representation and individual symbolizes everything that seeks to bring the qualities I mentioned just now. The bow and arrow in his hands represents dynamism and destiny where by pointing to a certain direction the conquest of the target will be inevitable(Success).

What is Ferreticoin(FEC)?


Being a fork of Litecoin the Ferrite (FEC) project is a project with a new proposal to improve, optimize and guarantee a different option in the crypto world even though it is a fork of Litecoin. The idea is not to overcome or be better than any project that in this case would be Litecoin itself or even Bitcoin. In a way we must change the vision when looking at an improvement thinking that it has the function and even obligation to overcome the inspiration project. In the creative aspect, the project literature states that Bitcoin is Gold, Litecoin is silver and Ferrite is the base metal for the composition of both. However, when looking for more about this metal we can find academic information that Ferrite metal is a ferromagnetic material composed of iron, boron, barium, strontium or molybdenum making it not a common metal.

What can we conclude?

Connecting with the academic information with my abstractions about the crypto, I can say that Ferrite(FEC) is a project with magnetic components(Below you will know more) that will transform the project into something unique and with a high level of practicality and necessity.

Sounds for your Ears...


First of all, you must understand that the developer is very experienced and that he has followed the entire trajectory of the crypto world. In his knowledge and in practice he saw closely the development and growth of all the current technologies that we find. What does this matter and what does it affect in the project? When analyzing life as a whole we see that experience and knowledge are essential not to raise hopes and work with our feet on the ground.

I'm right? So you can expect commitment and patience from the developer and team.


The most expected sound...  Mimblewimble(MWEB)



Yes my friends we will find this technology(protocol) in the Ferrite(FEC) bringing freedom and private movements to the Scrypt algorithm. In practice this protocol allows you all users to hide transaction data with its confidentiality feature, being a wonderful option and a new way to structure and store transactions on the blockchain. Don't worry this technology is integrated and is about to be connected to an exchange(Safetrade) and when that happens Ferrite (FEC) becomes in an incredible way the privacy coin with the lowest limit with a marked cap of 33K, isn't that magnificent?

I leave it for you to ponder.

Coming back to the description of this technology(protocol) MWEB allows freedom while maintaining a very high level of privacy and further emphasizing decentralization and strengthening the privacy segment. Primary purpose? It is to increase the security, possibilities of big moves and buy-in of the project. This will bring fungibility and greater scalability as a whole.


Conquering the Heights


Now you are about to reach the top by being in the boat for a long time or that you are getting to know now. The project is in constant development and is waiting for you to be part of the project and share the fruits of success and high heights. Now, analyzing in a broader and more abstract way we can understand that the adhesion of MWEB is a historical advent for the project making it an essence among several projects that we can find. With a supply of just over 60 million and with few pools we see that it's a gem to be discovered.


Ferritecoin Specifications:


Name: Ferritecoin

Symbol: FEC

Algo: Scrypt

Total Supply: 60.22 Million













I have a very simple conclusion for the Ferrite(FEC) project where we can understand it as follows:

The simple is more pleasant and more useful in the last analysis. Therefore, the sophisticated does not always reach the crowds.

On the other hand I understand that everything is relative but with Ferrite(FEC) that delivers the simplicity of a Scrypt algorithm serves very well and summarizes directly the essence as a whole. In the futuristic and practical view, the Ferrite project will become an essential tool in the hands of various investors of all levels and needs, due to the elasticity of the technical variations that differ from Litecoin and other projects. Overall I believe that the developers are doing an excellent job that in a while we will find Ferrite(FEC) in the backpack of many investors and dreamers in the world of crypto.


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