A real option in a Desert

Fennec(FNNC) - A real Option in a Desert with False Mirages

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 13 Jan 2023



Greetings Friends;


This will be my first article this year and nothing fairer than writing about a new project for you to delve into new earning possibilities or even knowledge. In this article I will write about Fennec; a project that aims to provide a digital currency(P2P) with a focus on decentralization allowing to send funds and store wealth without the interference of third parties and all this in the digital world(Online).The focus of the article is to show a real possibility of reserving values, executing transfers and participating in commerce with total security, speed and convenience. On the other hand, we know that every day new options appear to distract us from our goals, maybe we can consider the rampant increase in tokens and their random memes that blind people from looking for something true and worthwhile.

We cannot deny that the will to earn and receive profits is something very strong and can be considered a major factor for limitless blindness. Therefore, I will be brief and precise in my expressions so that you can quickly understand and have something in your hands for the future, that is, something for your prosperity. It's worth mentioning that this is a motivational and introductory article and I will not delve into technical terms, but if you are looking for related subjects, I recommend that you access Github and become part of the community to learn more and stay on top of updates. Access the links at the end of the article.


What is Fennec?


As mentioned in the introduction above Fennec is a decentralized project and in a more in-depth way it carries the primordial idea of Satoshi that is to provide P2P and allow the storage of digital wealth and also the possibility of sending and receiving for economic, purposes be it personal or business. The Fennec project carries within itself the symbology of the small crepuscular fox from North Africa, where it has the essence and ability to survive in
Terrible environmental conditions, very exacting and extremely harsh.

How can we associate with this symbol?

The answer is very simple and we can analyze the market along with the crypto world since its inception. When analyzing history as a whole and also analyzing the current moment, we see that there is a hostile environment with many possibilities for failures and this happens due to several factors such as: Lack of adoption, lack of regulation between projects, lack of connection of technologies old and current, lack of a prosperous environment where everyone feels free to add and other technical factors that there is no need to argue. So unfortunately we didn't find a favorable environment but I believe things are moving towards a much better crypto community. Fennec(FNNC) is the fox of the crypto world prepared to adapt and enter new possibilities and also for possible connections between technologies.


Adapting to new situations in unity with your community...


In addition to delivering and providing the basics, Fennec aims to stimulate and solidify its community so that, with everyone's union and their levels of knowledge, they prosper internally and seek an alternative and adapted path for any type of situation. All the healthy means that we find on social media are welcome for the project so that it reaches new heights and all together with the community and with you. Another very interesting objective that cannot be left out of my narrative and expression is that Fennec is willing to change its entire base for the benefit of everyone's prosperity and all this thanks to the developers who understand that nothing in this life is eternal and everything tends to change. Therefore, we must be prepared for the adversities of life and their consequences, whether positive or negative. Maybe today we can understand that a situation is negative but it's an opportunity for growth.



Below is the technical specifications and exchanges!!!

Fennec Specifications:


Name: Fennec

Symbol: FNNC

Algo: YescryptR16(CPU) PoW(Proof of Work)

Total Coin Supply:  21 million











The project is new and has an essence of growth and adaptability, that is, the developers have established this form of development to avoid the frustration of long periods without development or even stagnation. The connection with the symbology of the small African Desert Fox shows that the know is solid yet flexible and ready to change. In my opinion, this adaptation to the new is something essential and will be a differential in times of crisis where the community tends to be shaken due to the pessimism imposed by the big media when an event occurs that causes the market to fall and affects the crypto world as a whole all. As I mentioned in the introduction this article is just an introduction and a different expression of the Fennec project. Writing a long article is not the way to go because in addition to getting in the way, it will take away the proposal from the project and in this case it's agility.


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