A diamond to be cut? it's already

Ergo: A diamond to be cut? it's already

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 1 Jul 2022



Greetings Friends;

In this article I will write about Ergo, a sustainable platform for the benefit of your ecosystem. In high moments it's very easy to exalt any project or take advantage of the hype to guarantee points and credits with investors and supporters. Therefore, there are some illusions when taking advantage of these high moments because when creating expectations we hope that they will be achieved but we know that in most cases this doesn't happen. Bringing this to reality we know that a good project needs a team in tune that goes from Engineers, Specialists, Marketing Managers, Testers and so on and adding all this the project also needs an excellent community. In contrast, it's at the low point that we should get to know a real project, but why? Because it's moments of difficulties that we find great solutions and alternatives to the problems imposed by the reality of the current financial world. Decentralization is a strong feature of Satoshi and without a doubt is also the essence of the Ergo platform. As soon as we went deeper into the platform, we found problems solved such as: Scalability, low rates, self-control, speed, energy savings and low market value.

Now why did I put a blue diamond as the intro image? Very simple the blue color represents security and the diamond represents beauty and solidity qualities found in the Ergo project.


Getting to know the Ergo project


Ergo is a platform for decentralized applications with the objective of establishing the survival of the real values of decentralization, that is, to make all segments interact through its platform through quick relationships, either technically or simply. Blockchain technology was born to change history completely and Ergo was created to exalt and show its improvements in this technological segment. In addition to having decentralized resources through its dAPPs, Ergo can also serve as a knowledge tool for all ages and abilities, that is, a child who would like to know about blockchain can use Ergo as a base tool or also for those with theoretical knowledge and who would like to explore your ecosystem outside or inside can also be part of this engagement. We cannot forget the value reserve that the Ergo project, together with its products and services, add to the daily life of each one. For sure, this is exactly what adds value and makes people or institutions invest in any project. Perhaps we can ask the following questions? Why should I invest in a project? Why should I be part of a project? Why should I believe in a project? There are countless issues that oppose the principles, needs, essences, real value and adherence of a project, but it's necessary to be calm because a product is analyzed from several angles and if in the vast majority these angles correspond to the benefit of all and for the evolution of technology you can be sure that the product/project is worth a lot.




Let's bring some angles that favor the Ergo project

Just below are the decentralized applications that correspond to the pillars of the platform and you can click on the names of each application to be directed to the access page for each one. 


ErgoMixer (Specific)
Ergo.watch (Specific)
Ergo Auctions (Conventional)
Ergo Raffle (Conventional)
ErgoDex (Conventional)
SigmaUSD (Specific)


Connecting with the introduction, we can place each dApp above as a kind of core of each market segment that demands quality, decentralization, expression, opportunity and monitoring, that is, the Ergo project manifested itself and each segment that I mentioned and still left open doors for the development and attraction of talents and that you will find in Sigmaverse a portal where you stay inside the development and with possibilities of creating applications. Going back to the 6 applications mentioned, I believe that 3 are extremely essential for the present and future of cryptocurrencies and in this case they are Ergo Auctions that works wonderfully in the NFTs market that has not yet shown its true potential; Ergo Raffle that allowed anyone to raise enough money for a project be it charitable, academic, social, business and among others; ErgoDex A decentralized exchange that allows a fast liquidity transfer and also the necessary gateway to Web3 and to a future Metaverse in the Ergo project. 

The other 3 ErgoMixer apps, Ergo.watch and SigmaUSD are also essential for monitoring, static analysis, and theoretical and analytical conversions. So together these applications correspond to practical use and control where each person can control and create accumulation, purchase, sale and analysis strategies the way they want and when necessary.


The coin that matches all benefits in one place... 


Released on July 1st, 2019(Yes, tomorrow officially marks 3 years of the Ergo project) but discussions about its essence have been going on since 2017. With the purpose of creating something new, with high security guarantees, the developers chose Algorithm Autolykos where it is based on the k-sum problem, which is similar to the well-known hard-memory Equihash PoW (requires private key access), but recently Hard Fork has occurred for the new Autolykos 2, a proof-of-work algorithm, as well as the Normal Autolykos was designed to protect against ASICs, meaning you can now use your GPU (Laughs) at will.

Unlike Autolykos v.1, Autolykos v.2 doesn't require access to private keys, which allows you to form a mining pool and as you can see there are already more than 30 mining pools (Laughs) go to Miningpoolstats to learn more.


Ergo Specifications:


Name: Ergo

Symbol: ERG

Algo: Autolykos 2/ PoW

Total Suply: 97,739,924.00










ProBit Global









I believe that with excellent publicity, the Ergo platform has everything to be among the first because in addition to having excellent products that solve day-to-day problems, it also helps and influences the community to be part of the project through development discussions and favors the opening doors for the creation of new projects through incentives. It's worth mentioning that this article is just a specialized and motivational content with additional ideas that highlight the benefits of the Ergo project. If you need more technical information, access the links below the article to learn more and to be part of the community.





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