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Changes are Necessary

Dynex(DNX) - Changes are Necessary for the Path to Success

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 29 Nov 2022



Greetings Friends;


In this article I will write about the advances and improvements of the Dynex project ie about changing the algorithm to "DynexSolve" and how this can affect the ecosystem for the benefit of all users and community. In the first article I reflectively explained the functionalities of the project and its true meaning. In summary Dynex is a platform for neuromorphic computing based on a flexible and innovative blockchain protocol. Possessing a structure and principle of composition of neuromorphic technology that comes from the inspiration of biology, proving that such inspirations motivated technological advances that are capable of surpassing current quantum computers. The application concept of neuromorphic computing is based on a technology in which the elements of a computer are modeled from systems in the human brain and nervous system where specialists draw on a variety of disciplines to aggregate and stimulate the necessary advances. Thus, in conjunction with engineering, biology, physics, mathematics and robotics directly influence neuromorphic technology. In general, we can conclude that the animal world and the plant world are sources of inspiration for various advances in the physical and digital world, where the world of crypto will not be different.

Reason for change...

When designing an efficient network and aiming to become the first decentralized neuromorphic computing platform in the world, the developers understood that to achieve this feat changes in the structure of the project must be carried out and to start changing the algorithm can be a great advance for actually become something with legitimate potential. We know that the Cryptonight algorithm is an excellent tool for researchers and developers because it is based on the manifestation of the alternative to SHA256 and the symbol of privacy in the contemporary world. Bringing this reasoning from research and development, the Dynex project seeks energy efficiency, but when we face this issue, we find barriers that prevent advances and reap the benefits of adhesion and acceptance by the great mass. Like this? The big barriers are the guidelines and discussions of the regulatory bodies of each government where the energy issue generates debate all the time and with cryptocurrencies this issue is becoming more serious with each passing day and energy consumption increases.

To try to solve and be a reference in the energy segment Dynex is using Cryptonight with two schemes in parallel with each other. So Dynex is using regular POW to mine and confirm on the blockchain where solutions are sent to the Dynex Chip on the user's equipment. But that is about to change on December 1st and below I will reflect on it. Regarding the Dynex Chip, we can consider the brain of the project, that is, in practical terms, it's a neuromorphic circuit where it simulates through numerical integration and equations of motion, configuring the idea of ​​a brain.




December 1º, 2022 Change Day

As mentioned in the introduction Dynex will switch from its Cryptonight algorithm to the DynexSolve algorithm and why is this necessary? We can analyze it in a practical and efficient way, that is, knowing that researchers and developers are passionate about seeking out-of-the-box solutions in an abstract world or segment that requires a lot of time to commit, we realize that this project carries this desire for change and improvements in the energy segment and in this case it's the Dynex project thread. Returning to a more technical analysis, using an algorithm from the past and the present is not the way for a project that aims to represent the future, but we can not deny that the same old algorithm served as the experience base for the creation and improvement of the DynexSolve algorithm. The PoW category is being criticized and unfortunately, with the exception of Bitcoin, several projects are being discarded due to the high energy consumption that varies from project to project. So the developers understood that it's possible to completely replace any regular PoW scheme with Dynex Chip(Brain) calculations. They understood that there is no need for random brute force hashes where the chip can perform significant calculations and worthy of analysis and study (After all, every technological advance requires this preparation and attention. In practice, the operations of the Dynex chip already meet the main requirements of any mining algorithm, where the DynexSolve algorithm will be the first mining algorithm that will solve real-world computational problems by "providing proof of work" during the mining process. The algorithm will serve CPU and GPU miners with very high power consumption low compared to a hash of a current algorithm.






Dynex Specifications:


Name: Dynex

Symbol: DNX

Algo: CryptoNight(ASIC) PoW(Proof of Work) "Swapped for: DynexSolve"December 1º, 2022

Total Coin Supply: 100 Millions









I spent time and studying the article's proposal narrative: DYNEX(click to read the article). Serving as a basis for writing this reflection article on significant algorithm change. In my study of other algorithms and other proposals, I understood that the proposal of the Dynex project is to provide something revolutionary for the benefit of the energy segment where current needs can be discarded assuming an efficiency proposal generated by a decentralized neuromorphic network. In my opinion using connected devices to get rewards is something incredible now doing this without harming the environment in the present and future is something extraordinary.

A strong project to be analyzed, studied and worthy of university research.




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