The Revolution of the Future Coming True

CryptoGPT: The Revolution of the Future Coming True

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 15 Mar 2023



Greetings Friends;

We have reached a point in history where fiction has become reality where Artificial Intelligence has been following and participating in the technological and practical development of the human being. So a few years ago this reality was impossible due to the degree of technology and network advances, but fortunately this barrier that separated the possibilities of AI has been broken and today we enjoy the benefits of this break. A clear example of this is Openai ChatGPT and other artificial intelligences that were and are being a benefit to society with ideas and practical concepts such as: Reflections, Artistic Creations, Statistics, Programming, among others. In practical terms we can not deny that Artificial Intelligence will become once and for all a right arm of society and an extension of your brain.

It is with this reflection that this article I will write about CryptoGPT a project that ZK Layer-2 that allows you to monetize your AI data, turning your day to day tasks into a source of income. That's right my friend, have you thought about participating in this revolution? Besides interacting with Artificial Intelligence you can earn with it through the CryptoGPT project.


What is CryptGPT?

As a cryptocurrency project CryptoGPT is a layer-2 of Ethereum where it has a dedicated blockchain for AI development, combining and connecting commercial AI applications with a mass "adoption-proof" tokenization mechanism, using its $GPT token as the fuel that drives the interactions of this ecosystem. And speaking of ecosystem CryptoGPT is the first sustainable 'to earn' ecosystem that pays users to contribute their data where it will be sold on the global marketplace for this segment. Its goal is to reach as many people and interactions as possible and be a reference to show the true potential of Artificial Intelligence in the mainstream world in contrast to other blockchain-based AI projects, opening up an untapped market. Due to its successful launch its integration has already occurred and is occurring in applications in gaming, fitness, education, travel and other verticals, serving as the foundation for its next ecosystem products, including NFT Data Capsule, Launcher, SDK, Core and more.


The Power of Data in Connection with CryptoGPT...


The data market has become a trillion-dollar asset where all companies large, medium and small are benefiting from this knowledge and designing their products according to this data. So we can conclude that this segment is the economic base of today and the near future.

Where does CryptoGPT come into this story?

Being a Blockchain protocol designed for artificial intelligence interaction the CryptoGPT project establishes and connects data as an asset class contributing to a global trade of this data.

Summary of the CryptoGPT project:

- Layer 2 of Ethereum and being a dedicated blockchain for AI development.
- Uses zkRollup technology.
- Unique EVM compatibility making the protocol open.
- Fully distributed and decentralized.
- Mining and security model ‍"ProofOfActivity.
- Fully Unlimited.
- Extremely low cost and scalable design.
- Source of expansion and AI ferrements.
- Connectable gains with enabling infrastructure.
- Expansion and referencing for global data and AI economy.

NFT and Farm

To receive Data Capsule NFTs and start earning you need to stake your $GPT tokens for the first time, where as a stake you get NFTs enabled for guaranteed earnings. The CryptoGPT project ensures that all members of the community have a fair and distributed opportunity to get these rewards that come from the AI economy. Regarding the farm it's very simple where this segment in the ecosystem provides prosperity in its roadmap, capturing transaction fees and more.




Effect of the Project on Society...

There is no doubt that CryptoGPT will bring a new age to the crypto and perhaps make its mark as one of the best projects the market has ever seen. Its effect on society will be incredible due to the fact that it's a newly launched project.

Now I ask you what is the true effect that this project will have on society?

I leave this reflection to you...

CryptoGPT Specifications:


Name: CryptoGPT

Symbol: GPT

Decimals: 18

Total Suply: 3,000,000,000

Contract: 0xD04E772BC0d591fBD288f2E2a86aFA3D3CB647F8

Explorer 1

Explorer 2







In my opinion it's a project that can change the market and directly influence the new segment of Artificial Intelligence.


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