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Bitcoin2: A caged monster

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 8 Apr 2022


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With a different analysis proposal I will write about Bitcoin2(BTC2) a project that has its blockchain, but what will I write? I confess that I will write with a motivational proposal to encourage you to be part of the community or at least take a look at the access links below the article. Observing the market over the years, I could see that investors are looking for something that makes sense for their profits and not just in search of technology, which is also essential in the search and analysis of a project. There is also the possibility of an upheaval in the market and the old projects to return attention as possible resources for the security of funds and inheritances, yes my friends this possibility still exists and many have forgotten about it. Today, due to the fact that large institutions enter the market and also the fact that regulatory bodies require declarations of activities, the world of tokens tends to grow rapidly due to high visibility tracking. However, thinking this way, Bitcoin and the other projects didn't come to be anonymous? To ensure privacy? Isn't that Satoshi Nakamoto's initial proposal? Reflects

Continuing with the introduction, let's analyze the table below.




Did you look at the table? Did you see the difference? The question is: Why so much benefit and speed if few know it exists? What's the point of writing great texts and analyzing Bitcoin2 if the project hasn't reached the masses? It's with this thought that we will understand the true meaning of Bitcoin2.  


What is Bitcoin 2 and why is it a caged Monster?  


It's a highly energy efficient scalable cryptocurrency that supports truly anonymous and instantly verified transactions and POS (Proof of Stake)for the benefit of MasterNode. And yes, in addition to supplying the demand Bitcoin2 was born to conquer space after the great values ​​established for Bitcoin in the near future when it's worth Millions of dollars and if it becomes unfeasible to buy, Bitcoin2 is here waiting for you.   But how can Bitcoin2 guarantee such efficiency?   Bringing some ideas to reality would be very interesting to find an additional meaning beyond anonymity, privacy and speed. I was thinking that it would be very interesting for Bitcoin2 to enter the world of NFT's and Metaverse because in addition to showing its efficiency, it will generate a continuous need in the network and possibly adhesion of large investors and partners. Why not? The impossible is only in our mind and if a considerable number of people demand from developers there is the possibility of finding Bitcoin2 Updated and adapted today.  





Will you wait for Bitcoin2 to hit an absurd price and then regret it? If you are reading this article, it's because the Universe is giving you the possibility to change the direction of your life. Maybe you're wondering why so much marketing? It's not marketing because in the beginning Bitcoin cost a few cents and many had the opportunity to buy it and didn't want to and today they regret it.  



You can find Bitcoin2 on exchanges:  








 My Address BTC2:   1DfKcgaMvLwABbEGexnpNnFvxcGDb8Ebkd          




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