The impossible will be achieved

Bezogia(BEZOGE) - The impossible will be achieved (NFT Play & Earn MMORPG Game)

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 20 Apr 2022


Greetings Friends;

Before describing the Bezogia project and its master token ruling its ecosystem, I would like to ask, have you watched the short trailer above? Did you feel chills? Found your dream project? Did it generate any sense of euphoria? Yes, my friend, like me you also thought something related but also how this game (NFT Play & Earn MMORPG Game) can revolutionize the market attracting supporters of all ages and investors of different levels. In this article I will describe what is Bezogia (Bezoge) and what are its advantages in the current situation in the face of several options. We live in a generation of expression that has been gaining strength with the NFTs and the rise of the metaverses and this project can indeed be at the top of the most wanted list of these segments. We cannot fail to analyze the timing and the market price so we don't regret not having been part of the project when it was still in the alpha phase.

It's worth reflecting.

It's worth mentioning that you can find technical information in the links at the end of the article and also be part of the community enjoying this free game with your friends and family.


What is Bezogia?




To be clear is Bezogia is a world (NFT Play & Earn MMORPG Game) based on blockchain and "The Legends of Bezogia" is the name of the game of the Bezogia world. The game is free that will be available to download, but will there be any cost regarding the items? Yes these costs are applied if you want to buy NFTs and items

NFTs are linked on the Polygon blockchain i.e. you can acquire a Bezogi (NFT game character) that you can use to play...

Acess OpenSea and take a look...

Click on the image:



You can own a Petzogi too, but what do you mean? That's right if you cast and summon a Bezogi wrong you will summon a Petzogi instead of full planned sized Bezogis and complete.

Click on the image:



Game features

In my opinion, the big difference that drew attention in the game was the BREEDS that govern and operate in the game according to their essence and freedom of expression look:


9c96e1cbf52e29908ade57a935d32fb517cda0d6a8076bcb7080033a5b012f30.png Bloodthirsty Berserkers (This is the one that appears in the intro video)

db42352c5f3eef4e451386942b8aa50936690659995c8b1dc7803fa9e08f6cb7.png Can break the sound barrier when moving at full speed

cfb71a780fed97d564a069072e50f89fdc0444dc8aecb4c39ff114169380801c.png Shield Polishers and everyone trusts your protection

d4115f0b6d833420cf59c58c56570fae81ee1ef00719c50b13195e50a4f66e9b.pngThey are the healing race and their key skill is a 12-word sacred seed phrase.

5e2961a448609ec10de6cc3a0283a8583aa5c1fb93faebe80c88765906bb9a20.png Totally addicted to the noxious gases

11143990b881dad948f05ae790330c72697366a53a58acf9fb37dfffc2594e03.png Masters of Cheating luring them into nasty traps

be2f45ceda29d9e1ed2cc17bfd70c0c7752748fdd0e7a2d57889a1d850823a06.png Controlling dark magic and represent Bezogi enhanced summoning skills

b6fa97a7d174ea130d7622cd2690e0c5e703c140f5df5fdd0460db1464e29cce.pngGovernors of the lands of Bezogia and demand great respect and power.



Access the Medium to know more about BREEDS


Follow the recent livestream about the game and its gameplay...



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Bezoge Earth Specifications:


Name: Bezoge

Symbol: BEZOGE

Decimals: 9

Total Suply: 100,000,000,000,000,000

Contract: 0xdc349913d53b446485e98b76800b6254f43df695





Where to buy Bezoge?


Uniswap (v2)

MEXC Global






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