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Abyss Finance(ABYSS): Delivering Solutions and Options for Society

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 20 May 2022


Greetings Friends;

There are two derivative segments that have been gaining ground in recent years; DeFi and GameFI both follow the same line of reasoning, which in this case is decentralized finance without any interference from financial or administrative hierarchy. Soon the decentralization dreamed of by Satoshi nakamoto is adapting and branching out to new concepts and thoughts generating new possibilities of financial success and this doesn't depend on the level of knowledge but on adhesion. Therefore, I present to you Abyss Finance a decentralized financial solution(Ecosystem), that is, it has its own platform for the benefit of all who seek decentralization as a financial option and solution.

The project's objective is to consolidate itself in the DeFI/GameFi market to further help the growth of decentralization. In deeper terms, the objective of the project is to deliver meaning to your investment, possibilities of dreaming and being part of a community in this segment. However, we cannot dream too much, but show the reality to investors and supporters and I believe that Abyss can show this reality.

Now have you thought about playing? Lockup? Stake? Owning a masternode? Crowdfunding? Hosting service? Deposit 2.0? With Abyss it's possible and below I will describe the project and its varieties.


What is Abyss Finance(ABYSS)?







In confirmation with the introduction and in summary, it's a financial and decentralized ecosystem that seeks profitability and emotional benefits for all those who use the platform and its variations. So to start I will describe the gaming platform.


Gaming Platform The Abyss




The Abyss is the basis of the concept of the Abyss Finance project, which constitutes a platform for games and digital distribution with a unique space, pleasant interface, for children, young people and adults who seek fun and comfort in the world of games. This platform has a variety of segments ranging from MMO, RPG, Racing, Simulation among other wonderful options that seek to entertain and please. Overall it has the best online multiplayer games with integrated solutions for all fans of MMO/MMORPG and other segments.

The game options are in Browser and Client with paid and free options.



Some moments and expressions of any game become rare and impossible to repeat or even to generate the same sensation so thinking about it that the project is about to launch the NFT market where it will be an advanced reference and support system.
The goal is to create unique and collectible NFTs.

Is under development.


Free Hosting Service


This derivation is proof that the project is immersed in web2 and strongly linked to web3 where it provides liquidity with its DeFi tokens, blocking LP tokens and free of charge and unlimited for its validator nodes. Existing the possibility of being forever.

Go to the Guide to learn more.


Eth2 Depositor

It'is a Derivation and convenient future tool that will help you to make multiple deposits in Eth2 Deposit Agreement in one batch.



A Derivation that helps those desperate to sell their investments (Laughs) Joking aside is a service that allows you to lock ERC20, BEP20 and LP tokens with a guaranteed unlock wait period after the withdrawal request. With unlocking options of 90, 180 and 365 days and completely free. However for a shorter period like 1, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days Abyss tokens will be required in the deposit, withdrawal request and withdrawal stages.


Masternode and Staking

These options are planned for the second and third quarter of 2022. Follow the community and social networks for more information.



A derivation and something essential that guarantees the innovative model of fundraising based on the Ethereum Smart Contract that mixes some of the benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs), showing solidity and transparency.


In summary, all the derivations above guarantee the hegemony and efficiency of the Abyss ecosystem. The project is under development and seeks improvement for all involved.


Abyss Specifications:


Name: Abyss

Symbol: ABYSS

Decimals: 18

Total Suply: 508,628,132

Contract: 0x0e8d6b471e332f140e7d9dbb99e5e3822f728da6

















In my opinion, platform games help people of all ages to have fun and reason and this can be considered a benefit for your investment because now there is a truth and an objective that is not limited to conventional betting and graphics. The other features of the ecosystem are additional and under development and we may be surprised.

It's worth the wait...

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