PressF April review

By PressF | Crypto Billionaire | 5 May 2021

So within April I managed to write only 2 posts and as mentioned previously for the person who is not trained to write, the learning curve takes time. But I will survive!

My current stack of cryptos as of April.

Publish0x, for dipping and writing fellow billionaires:

  • Ethereum 0.00029430 ETH ($1.00)
  • Ampleforth 1.4364 AMPL ($1.86)
  • iFarm 0.0083085 IFARM ($1.33)


Brave Browser, for browsing juicy commercials:

  • Basic Attention Token 1.905 BAT ($2.38)Β 


Presearch, for browsing the vast amounts of disinformation:

  • PRE Token 36.28 PRE ($2.59)

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