Buttonboy.io and Metamask wallet experiments

Buttonboy.io and Metamask wallet experiments

By PressF | Crypto Billionaire | 4 Oct 2021

Hello my Fellow Crypto Billionaires. Inspired by the post I saw last week, about Buttonboy.io, I was thrilled to try a new crypto endeavour. I had some BNB left over, half of BNB I put back to Staking and another half is waiting for the Binance Launchpad project, about which you can read in detail here. So I was eager to try out that Buttonboy.io game, and boy it did give me some learning moments! Here we go!

Introduction to Buttonboy.io

Usually if there are no published articles by the authors I follow, I search Publish0x for random new content and somehow I found this article, which describes the game we are talking about. I will not cover the logic behind the game as it was well described in the original post and there is plenty of information in the whitepaper. To me the game is sort of a gamble, but in order to learn how crypto transactions work it seemed good enough as the game is very fresh, ~month since publishing live. So in order to participate in the game I need to have a wallet which is supported by the correct network. I had somehow managed to bypass the need for wallets previously, as I was not sure which one to use. When entering the Buttonboy.io page the program notifies you of missing Metamask wallet(if you hadn’t one previously, I didn’t). Heck, thought I, and created a Metamask wallet. Again a super useful feature is that Brave has Metamask integrated, so it seemed double logical. A couple of minutes later:


Transferring BNB to Metamask

I had never before transferred any funds to Metamask wallet, as I didn’t have one, logical right. So before transferring funds to an unknown instance I was slightly nervous, as I didn’t know what to expect. But how do we learn? By making mistakes, that’s why I keep repeating: always experiment with small amounts! So next I copied my Metamask wallet address and went to Binance to experiment. Lo and behold! Once you start to withdraw crypto and choose BNB it automatically suggests the correct network:


That was like the finding of the year, seriously, I did not expect it to be that easy. Ofcourse, since it is Binance Smart Chain network, the system warned me that I should double check whether the address and the network is correct as not so many services are supported by the network. Nonetheless, I pulled the trigger. Binance wanted triple confirmation from me, to verify my account:


And once confirmed, I was notified that It might take time, but in reality it was mere minutes until funds were transferred:


Clicking the Button

Now the learning curve hits in. As you can see in the following picture, through the ButtonBoy.io application I can see that the funds have arrived, BUT I do not see them in my wallet:


I was really confused and thought to myself, oh yeah. At least it was a small amount, but still asked for help through Buttonboy.io telegram channel implying that I have some sort of error with actual funds not applicable:


For clarification purposes, I need to stress that I was betting BNB not ETH, I do not still know why it shows an ETH sign. The gentlemen from Buttonboy.io pointed out that I had the Main Ethereum Network active in the wallet, but instead I needed to have Binance Smart Chain network. Okay, it’s a start. I started Google’ing and the answer was pretty close. Apparently you need to add manually Binance Smart Chain network to the Metamask wallet and there is a straightforward guide to it. See in the picture:


Once correct network is added, everything fits in place(except for the symbol, still don’t know why):


Claim rewards

Obviously the learning moment is only half of the win. I want to have some actual rewards, he-he. Well I did claim the rewards, 3 times. The amount is not big, but still something. The only downside is, that you should wait for the rewards to accumulate a bit more as the gas fees will eat up the rewards and you will pay for your transaction to pass:


Important notice(bug)

If you should follow the same path as I did. Once you have pressed the button for Buttonboy.io and rewards have started the accumulation, there is a small bug with Metamask and Buttonboy.io which you should know. If you should close your browser after pressing the button and later on opening the browser again, ALWAYS activate the wallet before opening the Buttonboy.io application. Otherwise Buttonboy.io will not see your button press.


Lessons learned:

  • As always, do your own research!
  • Experiment with small amounts of funds, the ones you can afford to lose.
  • Do not be afraid of new approaches, try it out. If it doesn’t fit, at least you’ve tried.
  • And I believe most important - do not be afraid to ask for help if you’re stuck!


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