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By 7R5 | Crypto beginner | 21 May 2020

After the last halving of BTC on 11 May 2020, things got complicated ...

the bitcoin system works thanks to the miners, the people who have placed their computers at their disposal and the network that confirms the transactions between BTC owners.
The miners are rewarded in turn with btc every time they process a block and listening is precisely the halving of the earnings that occurs automatically every 210,000 blocks created or every 4 years approximately

the miners make an important investment because the computers needed for mining will become more and more powerful and therefore expensive over time, not just the cost of the server itself called ASIC but above all the hope of electricity that these systems consume

at each halving the miners see their earnings halve and in both they went from 12.5 to 6.25 btc for each block found

the fact that it is a truly impressive computing power in the bitcoin network means that you have security and a search for speed but that is an intrinsic difficulty in processing really high, this difficulty varies every 14 days and influences a time necessary for the solution of the individuals blocks and therefore commissions to be paid to have a priority transaction over the others

necessary situation sees

- a computing power (hasrate) in strong calculation due to the miners who have left the network because they are less remunerated



-a still very high difficulty



- very high fee




we had to hope that the current miners will stay in place until the difficulty decreases in about 14 days otherwise it could set up a whirlwind of events for which the commissions will be higher and the operations increasingly slow (remember that bitcoin is one of the networks already slower than the crypto panorama)

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Crypto beginner
Crypto beginner

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