Jack Daniels battle of the Bar bands

Hello Publish0x, welcome to a promo piece for the Batz specifically for my newest single called “Book Of Wayne”. I’ve just entered my track into the Jack Daniels battle of the bar bands and would really appreciate any votes for my track to win my regional market. 


that is the link to vote for my song 

my goal as a musician is to integrate crypto into the music, and have the blockchain lay the foundation for endless creation and collaboration 

Book of Wayne is a high octane grungy sound rock Riff accompanied with abrasive lyrics and crucial delivery for a very hype alternative feel. Check out the track and votefor Danny Wayne and Book of Wayne for the battle of the bar bands 

Thank you so much and good luck crypto pioneers 



I am not and have never been a financial advisor, or anything other than an entertainer giving an educational view on certain aspects of digital currency. Do your own research, stay informed and don’t listen to any one source.




My first track as an NFT -https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/80914818104028213542062426251267701143016268967647338852763832603558824378369





Crypto Batz welcome package for cryptocurrency adoption, below are referrals and starter links for those interested in learning more about emerging markets and technologies,  these are where I started my crypto journey personally

XLM Coin base intro-



Larrin’s Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1E9MHhnR985aQ0SXLOfZZe?si=Add_cVjgQDmUXGgk5YKV-A


Compound coinbase intro-



Bat Wallet address for crypto contributions- 0x498c73661ae2627f5985c4c9bbb9e747f0842ec2















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Cointiply- http://www.cointiply.com/r/K7kdz




<^•__•^> Crypto Batz

I’m no financial adviser, I’m still learning a great deal for myself and have begun a journey to share it with others if you find it educational or entertaining.

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Danny Wayne
Danny Wayne

Danny Wayne; Crypto Enthusiast, believer of Freedom, fan of decentralization, writer, artist, gamer and Emcee ES Coin Multi faucet link steady profit on over 10 coins, BTC, Eth, Bat... -https://es.btcnewz.com/auth/register?ref=f38e6d08ba20e6c3e5f4

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Crypto Batz comic Blog and random ponderings

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