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Halo Infinite the Flight 1 week ago



Halo: Infinite - FlightCheck Simulation 1

Pre flight Technical preview and pre beta development involvement -transmission incoming—


The Batz has been invited, and you’re welcome to come along for the adventure


20 years ago a company called Bungie released Halo Combat Evolved on the original Xbox console. Gaming has been evolving before but Halo has been a driving force in the gaming world ever since.


And over the past few days the first glimpses of Halo: Infinite have been released and even brought into a pre beta flight mode for testing and feedback from the community







My personal time line was summed up with the arrival of the first codes around 7 pm Thursday evening last week eastern time, streamers and Halo support staff and out reach from the core management reassured and ushered Halo players into the flight which for me moved past the pending section of the insider  X box app, then was able to be downloaded which after a few errands had been taken care of I found Infinite inside access was a reality, I hopped on my first match against the AI Spartan bot that have been our chosen adversaries for this pre beta test flight, the possibility of player verse player slayer matches is on the horizon for later in the flight but first my impressions after 4 hours of semi non continuous play. All of my gameplay is fairly average but I believe that the game 343 is introducing as the next major installment is going to be in its essence exactly a Halo game, worthy of the title and I’ll say it (however cheesy) the honor. This is going to be the next Halo for our generation and the next. This will be how our kids eventually will accept their dad used to be cool, maybe, we can hope anyway. This installment in the franchise I think has been seen as a foreboding phenomenon but the hard work from 343 seems to have laid a solid foundation for the consistency of a precision shooter through the far flung stars and reaches of the galaxy creating the immersive experience equatable with a Halo game. 343 has the stage and are going to be able to tell us many stories and not just one story line will be the focal point, they will all center back to John, Master Chief, the most notable Spartan around for sure. But our characters will be involved in his story some how, your Spartan will be raiding through Zeta Halo trying to balance the incursion of the Banished. Where we left off with Halo 5 it’s unclear exactly how the story itself is going to be expanded upon and explained a little more fully. The one major drawback of halo 5 is that even after playing the campaign multiple times the story still doesn’t feel quite cohesive. The multi player experience and the competitive play as well as the forge and custom map making was awesome with Halo 5 but it didn’t have the heart of a Halo game. The community has been extremely harsh on what was a fun game that lacked some emotional connection with the story arc. I enjoyed Halo 5 for what it was and while I won’t miss the Spartan charge and the ground pound my thruster pack will be searched for constantly on the battleground of Infinite because it will be an equip-able item on Infinite when it launches.


The game play during the pre beta flight was actually quite dependable, the glitches were mostly minor and temporary and only a fraction of my matches lagged out like in between 5-7 % max which for how loaded the servers were with flight testers I was quite impressed. I also liked the feel of stepping back into Halo 3 combat style, without the thruster from 5 or the jet pack from reach and 4 the slide and sprint were our primary methods of traveling with more advanced movement than just a directional joystick. The slide was very controllable and interactive and makes many jumps much smoother and the sprint has an 8% increase in comparison to walking speed so it’s not as over powered as the Halo 5 sprint.



The weapons were fun to use and had great interaction with the grenades and items, grapple hooks, over shield, bubble shields and active camo, there will probably be more when Infinite launches in earnest but those were what we had to experiment with for the Flight.


The assault rifle is back at its most powerful


The sidekick pistol is exactly as it is named, a great backup weapon and good for quick finishes on unshielded opponents. Not the main power house it was in Halo 5 but fun to use all the same


The Battle Rifle is amazing and feels smooth like it always has, one of the most familiar feels on the flight


Needled- pink mist raining death wherever it’s aimed


S7 Sniper- a sniper that feels like halo 1 or 2 heavy but powerful and needs some timing to be used expertly


Grav hammer- swings slower and has some animation and physics to be worked out but always a ton of fun, seems to have decent reach


Plasma pistol- much harder to use than past games, hope it’s fixed because a good plasma pistol is one of my favorites for big team battles


New weapons-

Ravager- pulse energy weapon shoot single bursts or hold down for a plasma ball that leaves residual damaging “flame”


Heatwave- 2 firing modes horizontal and vertical , bullets ricochet and over penetrate, a ton of fun


Bulldog shotgun- revamped shotgun, not as wide a spread but more distance, accuracy makes this thing deadly


Skewer- a banished power weapon that packs a punch but really takes some serious aim



I’ve got flight footage, mini montages and a couple YouTube shorts showing the bots AI, the new weapons and capabilities that Master Chief will be using to defend humanity.

All follows, likes and comments are appreciated, let me know what you think about all the things going on with Infinite thanks and we’ll be bringing more Halo Infinite content and crypto news as we can. Till then fly safe pioneers







I am not and have never been a financial advisor, or anything other than an entertainer giving an educational view on certain aspects of digital currency. Do your own research, stay informed and don’t listen to any one source. Danny Wayne Injuztiz: Introduction Vol 1 Mixtape Comic version - Halo Infinite Clips



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343 Community Outreach Director Sketch’s Twitter-Brian Jarrard (@ske7ch) / Twitter halo inside infinite - Danny Wayne Injuztiz Introduction Mixtape Vol 1


Walkthrough on how to build your own blockchain through cosmos and Starport-




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