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Found a furry friend in need of rescue today: introducing Bat Cat

Hello my friends, hope everyone had a wonderful Monday, my day has been exceptionally wild today, today the friendly neighborhood crypto bat was surprised to find a kitten in dire distress, and after a long day and a few trips to the vet I am pleased to say, there’s a new member of the family. One we didn’t know we needed but definitely needed us. 26afa930268130a9cef6b48e299afb48798552f40ba48e7a82cb9d3111608960.jpgAfter finding this little lady under my car today at noon we found her some food and she devoured it and hung around the house for the day, once we had taken care of the fleas mites and worms at the Vet, a pricey yet necessary endeavor that I was lucky enough to have family help me out with. This batcat was operating on just smell and hearing and had her, 3rd eyelid I believe it’s called on cats, I could definitely be wrong fell free to let me know what the term is in the comments. This kitten was starving and dangerously dehydrated luckily she called meowed for help and I heard her as I was walking into the house. The vet administered fluids and checked for other diseases or injury and after treatment she slept for a while till we had to give her medicine. Her vision is improving and her opaque lid is diminishing so I hope that will return to normal fully in the next few days, but she communicated constantly meowing to make sure you are with her if she’s not physically keeping contact( which she normally was) BatCat as well refer to her here, used a type of echo location to get herself around and was constantly pinging in to make sure I was with her all day. She has been a trooper for today and we hope you enjoyed this brief recounting of the Emergence of the Bat Cat 




I am not and have never been a financial advisor, or anything other than an entertainer giving an educational view on certain aspects of digital currency. Do your own research, stay informed and don’t listen to any one source. Danny Wayne Injuztiz: Introduction Vol 1 Mixtape Comic version - Halo Infinite Clips



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I’m no financial adviser, I’m still learning a great deal for myself and have begun a journey to share it with others if you find it educational or entertaining then feel free to pass it along

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Danny Wayne

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